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Akebono in Figures

Akebono 2016 - the Akebono Group Today

Akebono was founded as a dedicated automotive brake manufacturer.
Here we introduce Akebono's current status in figures as it works to expand its business scale and global operations.

Since our foundation in 1929, we have provided safety and reliability in numerous fields

Over its 87-year history, Akebono has leveraged technologies cultivated in the automotive brake field for numerous applications, including motorcycles, rolling stock, and industrial machinery. We have also drawn on vibration analysis technologies to develop and manufacture sensor products.

87 Years since Foundation
Akebono's Business Fields
Akebono's Business Fields

Highest net sales since our foundation

With business expansion and increased production in overseas markets, we have achieved record net sales.

Consolidated Net Sales ¥281.3 Billion
Consolidated Net sales
Consolidated Net sales

Expansion mainly in North America. Europe and Asia follow

Akebono has been expanding its business in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia, with a view to establishing a global network. In fiscal 2015 our overseas sales ratio exceeded 70%.

More than 70% of Sales are for Overseas
Net sales by region
Net sales by region

One in every five vehicles worldwide have brake pads made by Akebono

Various auto manufacturers in Japan and overseas use Akebono products. As for brake pads, we have a global market share of approximately 20% and a domestic market share of approximately 43%*2

  • *1 Equipped on new vehicles
  • *2 Akebono research
Global Brake Pad OEM*1 Market Share: Approximately 20%
OEM share
OEM share

Business operations in 13 countries

Akebono employs 9,238 people around the world. We are developing global human resources as a truly global company.

Employing over 9,000 People around the World
Number of employees by region
Number of employees by region