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Reporting of Business and CSR Developments


In 2002, Akebono began to prepare and disclose an annual Environmental Report to increase public understanding of the Group's environmental policy and related activities as well as to report on the results of such activities. From 2005, the Company started reporting on its CSR activities in an Environmental & Social Report.

In 2009, we upgraded this publication to create the AKEBONO REPORT, a publication presenting multi-faceted information that goes beyond the typical operating results and financial statements included in a conventional annual report, with the aim of providing our stakeholders with a more effective communication tool.

The AKEBONO REPORT 2016, issued in August 2016, was compiled applying “integrated thinking,” a concept proposed by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), while featuring actual examples of the Akebono Group's operations, discussions of the kind of growth it aims to achieve and an overview of how it will fulfill its commitment to delivering safety and peace of mind through brake products.

In addition, we have prepared both printed booklet and web editions (data book) of the AKEBONO REPORT 2016. In the printed booklet, we put greater emphasis on reader-friendliness. More-detailed treatments of topics presented in the printed booklet are posted on our website.

In preparing this edition, we referred to the Guiding Principles set forth by the IIRC as well as the Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G4) and ISO 26000.

AKEBONO REPORT 2016 / Data Book 2016

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About Akebono
P1—2 Akebono's Journey 262 KB (→Akebono History)
P3—4 Akebono in Figures 62 KB
P5—6 akebono's Corporate Mission / akebono's Declaration for the 21st Century / akebono's Declaration for the 21st Century / Editorial Policy / Reporting Period / Organizations / Definition of Fiscal Year / Contents 60 KB (→Corporate Information)
Midterm Business Plan
P7—8 Midterm Business Plan 193 KB
Top Message
P9—10 Top Message 200 KB
Financial and Non-Financial Highlights
P11—12 Financial and Non-Financial Highlights 455 KB (→Financial Data)
Value Creation Model
P13—14 Value Creation based on Our Corporate Mission 199 KB
P15—20 Markets and Products 1,336 KB
Review of Operations
P21—26 Review of Operations
Japan / North America / Europe / Asia /
323 KB (→Financial Review)
P27—28 R&D and Quality Control 224 KB
Initiatives for Society and Environment
P29—30 Environment
Environmental Management / Product Life Cycles and Environmental Impact Mass Balance
97 KB
P31 Purchasing 39 KB
Initiatives at the Production Stage
Initiatives at the Logistics Stage
Office Environmental Initiatives
P32—34 Human Resources and Diversity 163 KB
Highlights: A Look at Our Associates
Training at the Monozukuri Center
P35 Workplace Safety and Health 61 KB
P36 Social Contribution 133 KB
With Communities
Corporate Governance
P37—40 Corporate Governance System 62 KB
P41—42 Management Systems
Risk Management / Compliance Structure / Information Security Activities / Corporate Brand Management and Corporate Social Responsibility
124 KB
Economic Report
P43—48 Consolidated Balance Sheets / Consolidated Statements of Income and Comprehensive Income / Consolidated Statements of Changes in Net Assets (Summary) / Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows 60 KB (→Investor Relations)
Corporate Information
P49—50 Directors and Officers / Company Outline / Investor Information 329 KB (→Corporate Information, Investor Relations)
P51—52 Akebono Locations 83 KB
Data Book 2016
(11pages) Data Book 2016 (PDF Download All pages) 252 KB
P1—3 CSR Promotion Status (fiscal 2015) 61 KB
P4—5 Environmental Targets for Fiscal 2015 and Results Achieved 65 KB
P6—10 Environmental Data by Location (main domestic Group members) 67 KB
P6 Akebono Brake Yamagata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 38 KB
P7 Akebono Brake Fukushima Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 37 KB
P8 Akebono Brake Iwatsuki Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 36 KB
P9 Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd. 32 KB
P10 Akebono Brake Sanyo Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 36 KB