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With Communities

To show our appreciation of local communities and to further deepen the understanding of the Akebono Group's business, we proactively undertake initiatives that contribute to society.

In line with Akebono's corporate mission, as members of society, our associates continue to take steps to maintain and expand these initiatives.

Interacting with Community

A Company Providing Safety and Security

Akebono provides society with safety and security through its products, services, and business activities.
One of these corporate activities is the provision of driving skill improvement training for the local police force at our Ai-Ring test course located in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture. The course has been provided for seven years as of 2016. In fiscal 2016, Fukushima Prefectural police force’s expressway patrol unit and high-speed mobilization unit conducted practice on the test course. Both units performed well in the National Police Motorcycle Safe Driving Competition held in October. Akebono received a certificate of thanks from each unit in December.

Initiatives to Develop in Step with Local Economies

Akebono Brake (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (AKBT) Celebrates 10th Anniversary.

The 10th Anniversary Event

AKBT was established as a production base for automotive disc brakes and pads. The company celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016. In 2011, severe flooding in Thailand halted customers’ operations, creating a difficult situation that AKBT was able to overcome thanks to the combined efforts of its associates. In 2012, local production of pistons, a key component in brakes, commenced at AKBT, contributing to the development of Thailand’s automotive industry. AKBT will continue working toward the realization of sustainable growth along with local communities.

Overview of AKBT
Associates 427 (342 direct employees, 85 indirect employees) *As of July 2016
Business Production and sale of disc brakes and pads, etc.
Work hours Two shifts per day (8am-5pm, 8pm-5am)
History 2006  Company founded, caliper manufacturing plant construction started
2007  Finished construction of caliper manufacturing plant, started production of calipers, began construction of brake pad plant
2008  Finished construction of brake pad plant, held grand opening ceremony, began deliveries of calipers and brake pads
2012  Finished construction of piston manufacturing plant, began production of pistons

Activities in Indonesia to Support the Local Economy and Akebono’s Development

Six teams from PT Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia (AAIJ) participated and all won platinum awards at the International Quality & Productivity Convention (IPQC) 2016, a major quality and productivity event held in Indonesia in November 2016. The international event has been held for over 20 years with the aim of sharing knowledge and skills related to quality and productivity improvement. At the event, each participating team gave a presentation about activities they have undertaken for improvements in the past, and their teamwork and improvement results are evaluated as a whole. The best teams receive awards. This time, 230 participants from in and outside Indonesia competed on the theme of “Quality for National Economic Improvement and Accelerating All Aspects of Productivity.”

Exchanges of technology and expertise such as these provide excellent opportunities for Akebono to develop human resources who can support the development of local economies and companies. We will continue to participate actively in them going forward.

Helping to Strengthen Japanese-French Exchanges

At the award ceremony

Brake system for McLaren P1TM

Akebono received the “Best Innovation” award for the development and mass production of high-performance automotive brakes in the Sixth French Business Awards 2017 sponsored by the France Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan. The awards are presented to recognize outstanding achievements in terms of successful products and services, innovativeness, social contribution and so forth in the corporate activities undertaken by the 539 member companies of the France Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan. The technology that was recognized in this award featured in the brake system used in the McLaren P1TM ultra-high-performance road car that came to market in 2013. The award ceremony was held in January 2017 with the attendance of French Ambassador to Japan Thierry Dana, who presented the trophy. The brake technology used in the P1TM was also awarded the FY2015 Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Medal for New Technology.

Akebono is helping to strengthen exchanges between Japan and France by having its President & CEO serve as First Vice Chairman of the France Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, and by participating in events related to the Chamber of Commerce, the French Embassy, and the Japanese and French governments.

Social Contribution Activities through an Event at the U.S. Site

Akebono Engineering Center holds an event at the end of each year where employees and their families come together to enjoy a meal with music and dance. This seasonal event is steeped in the spirit of American tradition, and is intended to deepen the bonds between employees and their families. The event also combines a social contribution activity with employee participation, namely an annual raffle where employees purchase a ticket or donate toys. The money and toys collected through the raffle are donated to charity organizations.