With Our Associates and Their Families

Akebono is engaged in diversity management with the aim of creating a workplace in which associates with diverse values can develop their potential.

Diversity Initiatives

Promoting Diversity

Basic Themes of Diversity Management
Basic Themes of Diversity Management

Akebono aims to strengthen its corporate capabilities in a way that reflects the high respect it has for the values of each associate and their diversity. The Company cherishes associates’ individual aspirations regarding work and life so that each can develop their creativity in the course of their duties, which, in turn, will help bring about a more vibrant company overall. Akebono is promoting diversity because it recognizes that as it expands globally, it is becoming increasingly important to establish a corporate structure that helps each associate realize their full potential regardless of their value system or cultural background. To further promote diversity, the Company is promoting recruitment activities that target people of all nationalities.

Akebono is promoting diversity management centered on three key initiatives, namely, diversity promotion, work-life balance promotion, and career development assistance. Akebono will work to double the number of female managers from 2014 levels by 2020 through further diversity promotion efforts going forward.

Akebono Receives “L-boshi Designation” based on the Act Concerning Promotion of Women's Career Activities

Eru Boshi Mark (Third Grate)

L-boshi Mark (Third Grade)

In April 2016, Akebono received the L-boshi Designation (Third Grade)* from the chief of the Saitama Labor Bureau.

The L-boshi designation system recognizes business owners that have performed excellently in initiatives for promoting the advancement of women from among those who formulate an action plan based on the Act Concerning Promotion of Women's Career Activities and submit the details of the plan. The designation is received from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare. There are five evaluation criteria and accredited between grade 1 and grade 3 based on a result of the evaluation. Akebono achieved the top rank of Grade 3.

We will continue working to be a company where all of our associates can work with motivation and enthusiasm, regardless of gender.

  • *Official nickname for the designation of the General Business Owner Complying with the Standard based on the Act for Promoting the Advancement of Women.

Career Support Activities

A networking event

A networking event

Since fiscal 2015, Akebono’s Diversity Implementation Office has engaged in activities that support career advancement, such as networking, Dream Map Workshops, and opportunities to talk with directors. Through these ongoing activities, we aim to evolve the entire company into an organization where each and every associate can maximize their abilities.

Forming connections among female associates where they could share uncertainties and anxieties about work helped to create a comfortable working environment and helped to resolve anxieties.

Dream Map Workshops
A part of career training, these workshops help associates visualize their future targets (dreams) and clearly define their ideal career.

Talks with Directors
By creating venues for associates and directors to discuss matters and form connections, we aim to motivate and broaden the perspectives of associates.


Not only does Akebono proactively accept interns from abroad, it also organizes exchange events where interns and associates find their sense of being part of an international concern nurtured through the exchange of ideas. In fiscal 2012, the Company began holding such events under the title “Internship Forums.” In 2014, the forums were revised to enable participation from associates on assignment at Group companies and trainees as well. In conjunction, the name of the forums was changed to “Ai-Forums,” and the content was changed to encourage deeper mutual understanding by introducing each country (industries, culture, work style, etc.) and having question-and-answer sessions. Around 100 people have attended the program so far.

At the Ai-Forum held in May 2016, a panel discussion was held on the topic of “Women Building Careers in the Automobile Industry.” Five female managers from different locations were the panelists. Both male and female associates enthusiastically participated in the activities that day, talking about career advancement and mutual understanding. The event also served as an opportunity to forge new connections with people as advice was given about how to deal with hardships at work and how to balance work and family. At the same time, we are focusing our energies on nurturing personnel able to work in global settings by providing associates with opportunities to come into contact with a variety of value systems overseas.



Numbers of Interns Accepted

Numbers of Interns Accepted

National Origins of Interns
United States, United Kingdom, Italy, India, Greece, Sweden, Austria, Spain, Thailand, Slovakia, Germany, Turkey, France, Finland, Portugal, Mexico, Morocco, Canada, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, and Tunisia

Promoting Work-Life Balance

Akebono puts great emphasis on helping associates strike a good work-life balance. Accordingly, we are constantly working to realize a working environment that accommodates diverse work styles to meet individual needs.

For example, we have designed various programs for associates raising children and those caring for their family members to assist them with their efforts to strike a balance between their work and family obligations such as childcare and nursing care. Some of these programs allow eligible associates to shorten their working hours by up to 2 hours per day or take leave for childrearing and nursing care. Others include loans to help with nursing care fees or assistance with home visit care fees. Moreover, we also offer a Career Partner Plan that allows the reinstatement of those who left Akebono due to family circumstance such as childcare, nursing care, or overseas posting of a spouse. We also support associates' career development efforts while offering opportunities to participate in self-improvement activities.

We distribute Life Supporter, a booklet that summarizes the content of these and other programs with the aim of facilitating the utilization of the programs by associates.

Going forward, we will also implement forward-thinking initiatives with an eye to future issues, thereby securing a corporate structure responsive to issues and changes in the social environment. To create a working environment that offers diverse and flexible working styles, we will continuously enhance these programs by incorporating feedback from associates.

Akebono received the "Kurumin" mark for the third time

In October 2016, Akebono Brake Industry received the "Kurumin" mark from the Saitama Labor Bureau, recognizing it as a company that actively supports child-raising in accord with "the Act on Measures to Support Development of the Next Generation." The company received this award in November 2007 and June 2013, making this the third time that Akebono has received the award.

"The Act on Measures to Support Development of the Next Generation," which took effect in April 2005, requires companies with 101 employees or more to systematically institute measures to create an environment that readily enables employees to balance work and child-raising, and to formulate an action plan to guide those efforts. Companies that fulfill certain requirements, such as achieving the goals laid out in the action plan, are recognized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as companies that support child-raising, and are permitted to use the Kurumin certification mark.

Akebono's wide array of programs surpass the legislated standard, for instance allowing associates to take parental leave up to the fiscal year following their child's third birthday. It also uses leafleting, internal news bulletins and information sessions to create an environment in which associates can easily take advantage of these schemes. Beyond these internal efforts, Akebono also runs social studies excursions for local elementary students, and these efforts were highly evaluated.

Kurumin Mark

The Award Ceremony

Akebono’s Main Initiatives (Japan)
Child care leave plan Associates can take leave until the March after the child’s third birthday while receiving aid. This can be taken in multiple parts.
Note: Akebono has a child care leave plan that exceeds legal standards.
Career partner plan A program that provides those who left the Company due to family duties with opportunities to later rejoin Akebono within five years after their resignation. Eligible associates include those who had served for a continuous period of three years or more before leaving and meet other prescribed criteria.
Nursing care leave plan Associates can take up to two years leave per family member to provide nursing care while receiving a stipend
Child nursing care plan Associates can take up to five days of leave per year (ten days for associates with two or more children) to nurse sick or injured children or for children’s doctor visits until the child graduates from elementary school. This leave is separate from annual paid leave.
Measures to reduce working hours <Child care plans>
- Reduced working-hours plan: Associates can use the system multiple times until children graduate from elementary school.
- Flex time plan
- Child care aid plan: A fixed monthly aid until the March following the child’s third birthday
<Nursing care plans>
- Reduced working-hours plan: Associates can work reduced hours for a total of up to three years per family member to provide nursing care. These can be taken in multiple parts.
- Flex time plan
Improvements to company environment
  • - Training for new managers regarding the need to consider employees’ balance of work and home life.
  • - Provision of useful information for balancing work and home life through pamphlets and the Intranet.
  • - Akebono Visit Day was held each year during children’s summer holidays to give associates’ families a chance to visit the workplace.
Medical leave system Associates receive 12 days of medical leave per year in addition to their annual paid vacation, so they can recuperate from unforeseen illness or injury without worrying about work.

Childcare Leave Plan

We have a childcare leave plan that exceeds legal standards. For example, eligible associates can apply for childcare leave until the child's third birthday. Eligible associates can shorten their working hours by two hours per day until the child's enrollment in junior high-school. Moreover, eligible associates can take up to five days per year of leave that is separate from annual paid leave to nurse sick children.

Career Partner Plan

For those who leave the company due to family duties such as childcare, care giving, accompanying a spouse on a regional assignment or for other reasons, we offer a Career Partner Plan that provides them with opportunities to rejoin Akebono and make full use of their experience and knowledge. We are developing work systems that allow associates to choose diversified and flexible work styles as well as a work environment in which each associate can use their skills.

Employment of People with Disabilities

Initiatives of Akebono 123

Designated as an Excellent
Employer of People with Disabilities in Saitama
Prefecture for a fourth consecutive year

Akebono 123 Co., Ltd., a special-purpose subsidiary of the Akebono Group that provides employment for people with disabilities, is working to help them achieve personal growth through duties.

In April 2016, Akebono was designated as an Excellent Employer of People with Disabilities in Saitama Prefecture for a fourth consecutive year (10th time). The prefecture recognized Akebono’s proactive initiatives to create workplaces where people with disabilities can use their abilities.

Akebono’s employment ratio for workers with disabilities as of the end of fiscal 2016 stood at 2.48%, higher than the statutory rate of 2.0%.

Employment Rate of People with Disabilities in the Akebono Group

Employment Rate of People with Disabilities in the Akebono Group

Focus on Upskilling of Associates and Expanding of Work Scope

In September 2016, Akebono 123 marked its 13th year. The company started with five associates, working in cleaning operations. Gradually, however, the team and the work scope have expanded. Today, 27 associates work in operations such as business card printing, accounting slips sorting office paper supply, scanning blueprints, and packing components at manufacturing sites. The packing operations are contracted services for Group company Alocs Corporation, starting in 2008. In October 2016, the scope of the contracted services increased to cover over 50% of total production volume. This has allowed Alocs to focus more on production management and quality control. At the manufacturing sites, new ideas have been implemented to reduce errors, such as using photographs and calling. The company has maintained a rate of zero complaints since the start of operations. Looking forward, the company will continue to build associates’ skills and widen their work scope, thereby helping to bolster the competitive advantage of the entire Group.

Production volume ratio of Akebono 123 and Alocs in Fiscal 2016

Production volume ratio of Akebono 123 and Alocs in Fiscal 2016

Multifaceted Activities of Akebono 123 Associates

Employee receiving the People with Disabilities Work Excellence Award at the 2016 Saitama Prefecture Work Fair for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Employee receiving the People with Disabilities Work
Excellence Award at the 2016 Saitama Prefecture Work
Fair for Seniors and People with Disabilities

The Saitama Prefecture Work Fair for Seniors and People with Disabilities 2016 was held in September 2016. At the fair, an associated of Akebono 123 received the People with Disabilities Work Excellence Award in recognition of his exemplary work practices. Eight Akebono 123 associates have received these awards over six consecutive years since 2011.