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With Our Shareholders and Investors

The Akebono Group strives for sustainable growth and enhancement of medium- to long-term corporate value through dialogue with shareholders and investors and proactive disclosure of information in accordance with a policy for constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors.

Dialogue with Shareholders

Dialogue with Shareholders

Akebono aims to make it easy for as many shareholders as possible to attend its General Meeting of Shareholders by avoiding holding the General Meeting of Shareholders at the same time that many other companies hold such meetings. The Company also sends the notices of convocation for the meetings well ahead of the mandatory date of notification (two weeks before) and posts the notices on its website before sending them out. In addition, the Company has adopted online exercise of voting rights and creates English-language translations of its notice of convocation and voting rights execution results. In these and other ways, we are striving to improve convenience for our shareholders.

After the General Meeting of Shareholders, we also hold presentation meetings to host other gatherings where we can engage in dialogue with shareholders.

Providing Information to Shareholders and Investors

Akebono’s communication with shareholders and investors involves not only direct means, but also important tools such as the Company website and its IR activities. In particular, to ensure that shareholders and investors in Japan and overseas can access the information they need at any time, we strive to enhance the information posted on our website, and to construct and maintain the website so that it is clear and easy to use.

For some time, we have engaged in IR activities through our website, posting information such as financial results, index data, presentation materials from various types of explanatory meetings or briefings summaries, Q&A (summaries) and English language versions of materials. In addition to these items, in fiscal 2016 we upgraded our website so that these materials are supported by multi-devices, including smartphones and tablets, as well as giving it a new look and adding numerous functions to make it easier to view and use. Furthermore, to deepen understanding of Akebono, we have also set up a page called Akebono 2017, which provides an easily understandable explanation of the Akebono Group business model originating from the Corporate Mission.

In recognition of these efforts, we were awarded prizes in major website awards given following surveys of publicly listed companies. In particular, Akebono was rated highly in the Gomez IR Site Rankings 2016 held by Morningstar Japan K.K., coming fourth among all publicly listed companies for the ease of use of our website and seventh for the degree of corporate and management information posted. We will continue to build an easily viewable, easily understandable website and post substantial information to enhance convenience for shareholders and investors and to expand opportunities to provide information.

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