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With Our Suppliers

Akebono is striving to maintain and enhance relationships with its suppliers.

Enhancing Partnerships through the Activities of Seiwa Kai

Onsite training and improvement activities of the safety team

Onsite training and improvement
activities of the safety team

As part of activities aimed at enhancing partnerships with suppliers, Akebono and “Seiwa Kai,” an association comprising Akebono's main suppliers, proactively work together as equal partners to inspire creativity. Activities undertaken with Seiwa Kai include study sessions focused on safety and quality. During the study sessions, the attendees divide into two groups, with each group sharing the latest technical information and the challenges they have been facing based on a single theme. By working together toward solutions, Akebono associates and Seiwa Kai members are able to share their firsthand expertise and gain a sense of accomplishment, which reinforces their productive and mutually beneficial relationships.

  • *Seiwa Kai: an association of Akebono's main suppliers working together for mutual training and improvement to strengthen basic systems and capabilities

Rooting Our Global Operations in Local Communities

To survive amid the global market, Akebono recognizes that meeting SGQCDDM* requirements is essential. We believe that our ability to satisfy these requirements is largely dependent on mutual understanding and relationships of trust with our local suppliers.

With this in mind, Akebono has positioned a high regard for human rights as the cornerstone of its pursuit of global expansion. In doing so, we put great emphasis on maintaining robust communications to express our respect for and deepen understanding of local cultures and value systems in the areas that we expand into. Moreover, when selecting our suppliers, we confirm the status of their compliance with laws, ethics and other requirements. In these ways, Akebono is striving to achieve the sustainable and mutual development of the Company and its suppliers.

  • * S: Safety; G: Global; Q: Quality; C: Cost; DD: Delivery and Development, or Differentiation through Development; and M: Management

Establishing Supplier Whistleblower Hotline on the Company's Website

With the aim of building and maintaining favorable partnerships with all of its suppliers, in fiscal 2013 Akebono established a “Supplier Whistleblower Hotline.”* Whenever a complaint from a supplier is received, the secretariat of the Compliance Committee will address the problem and take necessary steps to ensure that the problem is settled at an early stage and that preemptive countermeasures are in place to detect and prevent similar problems from recurring. Akebono will acknowledge any risk that arises in the course of its operations and address it by implementing appropriate measures. By doing so, we will strive to better fulfill our responsibility as a corporate citizen.

  • * The Supplier Whistleblower Hotline may be accessed from our corporate website ;
    please go to “Purchasing” under “Products & Technologies” and click on “Supplier Whistleblower Hotline” or click on the “Supplier Whistleblower Hotline” under “Contact Us.” please go to “Purchasing” under “Products & Technologies” and click on “Supplier Whistleblower Hotline” or click on the “Contact Us” link under “Investor Relations.”