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Formula 1

Aiming to develop brake technology for the most extreme conditions of the pinnacle of world automobile racing

Formula 1 (FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP) is considered to be the pinnacle of world automobile racing.

Providing world-beating performance, Akebono has been the Official Supplier of brakes to the McLaren Racing team since 2007.

In Formula 1, it's necessary to have brakes that allow the car to go faster. When entering a corner, vehicle speed changes from 300 km/h to 80 km/h in a matter of three seconds. At this time, brake rotor temperatures rise as high as approximately 800 degrees C.

To provide minimum possible weight while keeping high rigidity, outstanding cooling capacity, safe performance and high reliability, our meticulous design processes take into account materials selection, their surface treatment and multiple other aspects.

In February 2014, Akebono and the McLaren are pleased to announce a new, extended technology partnership.

For the 2014 Formula 1 season onwards, Akebono is elevated to the status of ‘Technology Partner’ of the McLaren team and will design and integrate an all-new braking system in response to the latest changes in the Formula 1 regulations.

F1 Brake Caliper

Akebono is proud of this world-class high performance brake, supporting the safety of F1 cars running at a maximum speed of 300 km/h. It was designed to be highly rigid and have outstanding cooling capability, while being as light as possible. The caliper body uses aluminum alloy and achieves the best balance between extreme reduction of weight and reliability.

(Racing Exclusive Product)