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Touring Car Racing

Testing high performance models in most demanding endurance races

Akebono put its high-performance brake systems to the test in the Nurburgring 24-hour endurance race, the world's most demanding race for touring cars.

The legendary race track has a length of 25km, an elevation change of 300m and 186 corners, and demands a balance of high-performance and reliability.

Our first attempt at the race was in 2006, and Porsche GT3 equipped with Akebono's brake system came in 2nd out of 274 entries. Coming 2nd on the podium in a first-time challenge in the grueling 24 hour race represents a spectacular achievement for Akebono. Since then, Akebono has continued its challenge in the race, supplying brakes to GAZOO Racing LEXUS LFA since 2010.

Caliper used in Nurburgring 24-hour endurance race (2010 model)

These calipers have been designed to achieve high reliability and safety in an extremely demanding environment for times exceeding 24 hours. They are equipped with disc pads more than twice as thick as general automobile ones, in order to reduce the number of disc pad changes during the race. The caliper and pads are made by Akebono and have been installed on GAZOO Racing LEXUS LFA vehicles (cars number 50 and 51).

(Racing Exclusive Product)

6-Pot Aluminum Monoblock Front Caliper

4-Pot Aluminum Monoblock Rear Caliper