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Purchasing Practices (Purchased Items)

To ensure that we provide our customers with unobtrusive safety and impressive braking performance mentioned in our Brand Statement, Akebono purchasing practices emphasize attentiveness to quality, cost and delivery dates.

The main items purchased from our suppliers are shown below:

Disc Brakes

Major Components of the Floating Caliper Type Disc Brake (AD Model)

fig: Major Components of the Floating Disc Brake (AD Model)Boot Ring Spec

Major Components of Floating Disc Brake

  1. Mounting Bracket
  2. Shim
  3. Pad
  4. Pad Clip
  5. Boot Ring
  6. Piston
  7. Piston Boot
  8. Piston Seal
  9. Pin Boot
  10. Cylinder Body
  11. Bleeder Screw
  12. Bleeder Screw Cap
  13. Guide Pin
  14. Lock Pin

Drum Brakes

Major Components of LT Type Drum Brake

fig: Major Components of LT Type Drum Brake

Major Components for LT Type Drum Brake

  1. Wheel Cylinder
  2. Adjusting Lever
  3. Return Spring
  4. Leading Shoe
  5. Lining
  6. Shoe Hold Spring
  7. Trailing Shoe
  8. Parking Lever
  9. Backing Plate
  10. Anchor