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The Ai-Museum of brake technology was established on October 11, 2004 to commemorate Akebono Brake Industry's 75th anniversary. The 800 m2 museum hall was created by remodeling a portion of a building that had been used as a factory and houses over 300 brake-related exhibits such as automobile brakes, motorcycle brakes, and rolling stock brakes. The progress of Akebono as a brake manufacturer can be seen through the historically valuable products and materials.


Exhibition Zone

History Zone

Information about Akebono's business history that extends over 80 years and photos from that period are presented in the History Zone. Important documents including a technical assistance contract that became a turning point for Akebono's expansion from a manufacturer of friction materials to a comprehensive brake manufacturer are exhibited here.

Product Exhibition Zone

The Product Exhibition Zone showcases changes in technology that have enabled brake performance upgrade as vehicles have become faster. Akebono's first domestically produced disc brake for automotive use, which was manufactured in 1964, as well as other various brake products are exhibited here to show the transition of automobile disc brake technology over a fifty year period. In this zone, visitors can also see an Akebono brake mounted to an actual wheel of a bullet train.

Hi-Performance Activity Zone

A history of the development of Akebono's high-end, high performance brakes is presented in the Hi-Performance Activity Zone. Symbolic items that became milestones in automobile motorsports are exhibited in this zone including the brake calipers that were used in the Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race of 2006 and that led to the development of brakes for F1 racing. Vehicles used in brake development tests and motorcycles used for racing are also exhibited here.

Featured Exhibits

Akebono's First Automobile Disc Brake

The front disc brake for the Hino Contessa (1964). Akebono's first mass produced automobile disc brake.

Bullet Train Brakes

Stable performance of brake linings and calipers which support safe operations of high-speed trains with speeds in excess of 300km/h.

Brakes for the Nürburgring 24-Hour Endurance Race

The countless number of scratches on the caliper body are evidence of the tough usage condition of the Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race. This model commemorates Akebonos' full-scale entry into automotive racing.

5-4-71 Higashi, Hanyu- City, Saitama  (348-8508)
Operating Hours:
Every Weds. 14:00~16:00    * Please contact us in advance for tours of over 10 people.
(Closed when the Wednesday is a national holiday)
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Akebono Brake Corporation. General Affairs Department
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