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Production Engineering

Production engineering that gives shapes to dreams

Production engineering is what supports Akebono's technology development.

We constantly strive to balance safety, high quality and low cost. At the same time, a major topic for production engineering development is the reduction of CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process.

APS- The Starting Point of All "Monozukuri"

What is APS?

APS stands for Akebono Production System, which could be summarized as "continuous elimination of waste". It is also the starting point of Akebono's "monozukuri" (manufacturing excellence) philosophy.

The Role of APS

APS is a just-in-time system of producing necessary items in necessary quantities, in necessary timeframes, as well as determining plant layouts and workflow, designed to effectively eliminate waste to optimize production wherever it is implemented.

Development of human skills to spread understanding of APS

Photo:“Monozukuri Dojo”

The "Monozukuri Dojo" (training hall) is where one can really experience APS. This is where hands-on training provides people knowledge on how to pursue ultimate efficiency in production.

APS also stands for Akebono Philosophy and Spirit, being not only a management system or analytical method, but also a way of thinking. The goal for APS is to enable sharing of common "Monozukuri" philosophy between various divisions.

Spreading understanding of APS as the concept to inspire Akebono's pursuit of "Monozukuri" will continue to be a priority. We will work to develop human skills through the "Monozukuri Dojo" where our employees can really experience APS.

Monozukuri Center

What is the Monozukuri Center?

The Monozukuri Center provides a forum for learning the principles of manufacturing that is always open to anyone in Akebono. In addition to offering a series of short-term training programs that incorporate the hands-on experience of manufacturing, the center provides associates with opportunities to make new friends.

The center plays an important role in nurturing Akebono’s human resources, offering training classes nationwide. In particular, it aims to develop associates who will go on to strengthen the functionality of production sites. Also, the center promotes the dissemination of Akebono’s manufacturing strengths - built upon a solid tradition of Japanese Monozukuri - among its overseas operations.

Tours and hands-on experience are available not only to Akebono employees, but also to our suppliers and customers

Many people get to experience the philosophy of Akebono's value-added product manufacturing every year, because Akebono's Monozukuri Center welcomes tours and offers opportunities of hands-on experience not only to our associates, but also to our suppliers and customers.

Photo: Friction Materials Dojo

Friction Materials Dojo where trainees learn basic manufacturing skills

Photo: Trainees

Over 2,000 trainees in total have completed
training classes (as of April 2012)

Photo: APS Dojo

APS Dojo where trainees learn standard operation procedures

Photo: Trainees from Indonesia

Trainees from Indonesia (February 2012)

Other than the above dojos, the Monozukuri Center has established the Kako Dojo, Safety Dojo, Maintenance Dojo and Environmental Dojo.