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Associate Introductions

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15 Talents = People Supporting Our Future
Akebono is supported by its people, an invaluable resource that we call talents.
In this section we introduce Akebono associates who wish to provide safety and smiles to the world using the technology for stopping.

  • Takeaki Morita
  • Mio Okuda
  • Kazehiro Kobayashi
  • Akihiko Takahashi
  • Junichi Shima
  • Tomomi Jimbo
  • Sayaka Mochizuki
  • Shunsuke Futo
  • Suguru Takayashiki
  • Yoko Nakazawa
  • Daisuke Fujita
  • Yuichi Kawamoto
  • Takeshi Komamizu
  • Taku Kato
  • Lan Jin

*The names of departments displayed on this site along with the interview contents
were applicable at the time the interviews were made.

The flowchart and professions before a product goes to the market

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