12 AKEBONO REPORT 2011 Akebono Brake Industry Co. Ltd.Highlights of Fiscal 2010 ActivitiesSocial ReportUnited States: Participation in Community OrganizationsIn North America many of our associates belong to a council or acommittee formed to address issues in their local community. Forexample some Akebono Brake Corporation (ABC) associatesserve on the Automotive Industry Council of Kentucky whichfocuses on legislative issues pertaining to the needs of the automotiveindustry in Kentucky as well as on the Japan BusinessAdvisory Council to Kentucky along with Governor Beshear. Also one associate is a board member of the United Way of CentralKentucky an organization that fosters the support of communityorganizations in addition to collecting charitable contributionsfrom community members and businesses for disaster reliefefforts the feeding and clothing of people in need and aidingvictims of domestic violence.At Akebono Brake Elizabethtown Plant (ABE) an associateserves on the Lincoln Trail Area Work Force Investment Board which works to create and develop employment opportunities and another serves as the Chair of the Elizabethtown IndustrialFoundation Training Consortium Board which develops andimplements various training programs for local industry aimed atupgrading the skills of the current and future workforce. An associateat the Akebono Brake Glasgow Plant (ABG) serves as a memberof the Barren River Adult Vocational Consortium whichdevelops vocational educational programs to meet local needs. Atthe Akebono Brake Clarksville Plant (ABCT) associates proactivelyparticipate in local community activities and have served as theChairperson of as well as and members of the Clarksville/Montgomery County Industrial Council which conducts surveyson trends of local industries and cross-industrial exchanges.United States: Raising Funds for Infant HealthEvery year ABE and ABC associates participate in the March ofDimes Walk-a-Thon to raise money for research and educationaimed at improving infant health by helping to prevent birthdefects premature birth and infant mortality. March of Dimesresearchers volunteers educators outreach workers and advocateswork together to give all babies a fighting chance in an oftenthreatening world.United States: Scholarships for Local High School StudentsABC provides scholarships for high school seniors graduating fromElizabethtown High School and Central Hardin High School. Eachrecipient is a young person who has decided to pursue an engineeringdegree. ABC aims to develop human resources who willone day become engineers or otherwise contribute to society aswell as to expand the opportunities for younger people in localcommunities to find employment.United States: Blood DriveRosanne Domanski HR/Administrative Coordinator at AkebonoEngineering Center (AEC) in Farmington Hills Michigan has forthe past six years coordinated our blood drive on behalf of theAmerican Red Cross drawing on the experience of seeing her latemother requiring many blood transfusions during her illness forinspiration. AEC has held a blood drive annually since the 1990s.However when Rosanne took over this project our donationsquickly climbed and began to exceed the goals set by the RedCross. akebono thanks Rosanne Domanski for her diligent effortsto coordinate the drive and encourages associate participation inthis worthy cause.France: Internship ProgramAt Akebono Europe S.A.S. (Arras) an all-out effort is being madeto accept as many qualified interns as possible from local juniorhigh and high schools as well as technical schools. Arras’ motivationis not limited to wanting to cooperate in France’s domesticeducational programs. Rather the intent is also to support thecareer choices of local young people who represent the humanresources of the next generation. Another benefit of this initiativeis the opportunity it gives the company to deepen the local community’sunderstanding of akebono’s business pursuits.In fiscal 2010 Arras accepted 23 interns more than twicethe number accepted in the previous fiscal year for a cumulativetotal of 605 workdays. Continuing to proactively accept interns Arras will fulfill its role in local communities as an akebono Groupsubsidiary.Thailand: Visit to Facility for Handicapped PeopleAs part of its volunteer activities in local communities AkebonoBrake (Thailand) Co. Ltd. (AKBT) periodically visits a facility forhandicapped people with gifts purchased with funds raised byemployees. The facility maintains a craft studio where the physicallyhandicapped make accessories for sale. Despite the differencesin the way we make products we are both involved in“manufacturing.” Communications are thus enlivened by theexchange of opinions as well as anecdotes about challengingand rewarding experiences.Associates participating in the infant health campaignAKBT associates and facility residentsBlood drive at AEC