14 AKEBONO REPORT 2011 Akebono Brake Industry Co. Ltd.United States: Akebono Engineering Center (AEC)AEC holds events in which associates’ children can experiencewhat it is like to be an AEC associate. Associates come to workwith their children in the morning and spend the whole day showingthem around the office and plant facilities even giving themthe opportunity to perform some tasks themselves. This deepenschildren’s understanding of their parents’ work while helpingboost associate motivation.China: Akebono Corporation (Guangzhou)Twice a month Akebono Corporation (Guangzhou) holds gatheringsof senior staff and associates whose birthdays fall in thosemonths. Senior staff hear associate suggestions and opinionsduring the luncheon that they reflect in their business management.In addition we hold an annual company trip with all associatesto facilitate communication among associates while raisingtheir motiva tion. On the safety front we conduct emergency drillsand in tandem with Akebono Corporation (Suzhou) offer opportunitiesfor mutual exchange and engage in improvement activitiesregarding safety and health. As a result of our efforts AkebonoCorporation (Guangzhou) achieved 1 000 no-disaster days.Thailand: Akebono Brake (Thailand) Co. Ltd. (AKBT)During Songkran the traditional New Year’s celebration inThailand from April 13 to 15 every year AKBT holds a purificationrite at office. After this ceremony the celebration turns into a festivalwhere people throw water on each other and this hasbecome an important event that helps to promote friendshipamong associates. As for other events to facilitate friendship AKBT conducts company trips. In fiscal 2010 we made an overnighttrip to Nakornnayok. We also hold a New Year’s Party andSports Day before the year-end holiday in December. On that day we invite a Buddhist monk to purify the plant in the morning andhold the sports festival in the afternoon. All the AKBT associatesparticipate breaking into two teams to enjoy games.1.91.4’03 ’04 ’05 ’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 ’10akebono (ABG ABE)U.S. national average(Transportation vehicle manufacturer)(Year)Accidents causing lost work time0. 1.8Accidents That Cause Lost Time in akebono U.S. FacilitiesGraph data on accidents causing lost work time is based on the Occupational Safety andHealth Administration (OSHA) calculation methodData from 2003 to 2009 included ABG and ABE; ABCS and ABCT were added from2010. However the figure for 2010 does not contain average data for all akebonoU.S. plants as such data has not been publicly disclosed as of June 10 2011.Bring Your Kids to Work Day (April 28 2011)Company tripSongkran (Thai traditional New Year’swater-throwing festival)Sports DayTwice monthly birthday gatheringCompany tripA ceremony to hoist a safety flag in commemoration of achieving1 000 no-disaster daysWorksite Safety and HealthSocial Report