AKEBONO REPORT 2011 Akebono Brake Industry Co. Ltd. 25l Five McLaren people including its Engineering Director visitedthe Global Head Office to hold a special seminarThe top management of McLaren Racing engineering division visitedakebono’s Global Head Office in Nihonbashi on October 11 the dayafter the Formula 1 Japan Grand Prix to hold a special seminar. At theseminar they talked about partnership mainly how akebono brakes’high performance and reliability contribute to the team’s performance.l LET’Z All akebono Session 2010 AutumnWith ACW’s second floor serving as the main venue the LET’Z Allakebono Session 2010 Autumn welcomed more than 800 participantsfrom 18 facilities. “akebono daiko ” a Japanese drum performancekicked off the event which included reporting on latest managementsituation presentations on actions and achievements and a panel discussion.The panel discussion on the theme of “communication” sawan active exchange of ideas.n Exhibited at the “HV?EV Eco Seibi Forum 2010” (Osaka City)n akebono president Hisataka Nobumoto participated in the Tokyo GeneralAssembly of the Franco-Japonais Clubn The 37th akebono Engineering meeting was held (December 2)n Arranged a facility tour for the third task force team of the manufacturingdepartment of the practical business study group a subsidiaryorganization of the Japan Corporate Auditors Associationn PT. Tri Dharma Wisesa changed its corporate name to PT. AkebonoBrake Astra Indonesia (AAIJ) [p.16]n Coming of Age ceremonies held at akebono facilities throughout Japann akebono continues to provide brakes to the F1 Vodafone McLaren Mercedesteam for 2011n AKEBONO REPORT 2010 received the “Excellence Award” in the SustainabilityReport category the 14th Environmental and SustainabilityReport Awards (sponsored by TOYO KEIZAI INC.)n Toyota Motor Corporation “Superior” Quality Performance Awardreceived●2011January?March151 akebono associatesfrom across Japan participatedin the special seminar(October 11)A number of ideas were raised at the panel discussion including “it is important toshare the purposes of communication” (November 13)akebono booth (November 16 17)Inspection tour at the Monozukuri Dojo(December 3)“Superior” Quality Performance Award received for thesixth consecutive year (February 25)Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-26AAIJ corporate name change ceremony (February 11)Feature Social Repor t Environmental Repor t Economic Report Reference Materialsn akebono carried out a seismic simulation on December 15 [p.5]