2 AKEBONO REPORT 2011 Akebono Brake Industry Co. Ltd.akebono Pursues Safety and Security on a Global ScaleTop MessageEstablishment of a Robust Production StructureFirst of all we extend our deepest sympathy and condolencesfor those who have been affected by the Great EastJapan Earthquake which struck on March 11 2011. Weare hoping for the fastest possible recovery of the disasterareas.The akebono Group has four production plants in easternJapan. Approximately one hour after the earthquake onMarch 11 2011 we set up the Disaster Task Force andplaced utmost priority on confirming the safety of associatesand their families following this with the collection ofnecessary information and responding to the disaster.Fortunately our facilities suffered only minor damage andeven Akebono Brake Fukushima Manufacturing Co. Ltd.(Fukushima Manufacturing) where the damage was thegreatest was able to get back on track on March 21 2011 reflecting associates’ all-out efforts. In the course ofchecking on the extent of damage at our materials andcomponents’ suppliers we came to realize that the structureof the Japanese automotive industry supply chainresembles a diamond or an upside-down pyramid ratherthan the upright pyramid that it had previously been likenedto. We thus realized that from now on we have to addressthe rather major issue of how to maintain supply chains inJapan and overseas.Over the past few years the akebono Group has beenstriving toward the establishment of a global productionsystem in which we adhere to local production regulationsand meet local consumption needs. Under the AkebonoIn the executive boardroom where the Disaster Task Force was set up