4 AKEBONO REPORT 2011 Akebono Brake Industry Co. Ltd.akebono’s Response to the Great East Japan EarthquakeSpecial Reportbegan repair and restoration work conducting test operationswith help from Yamagata Manufacturing and Ai-Cityheadquarters. Owing to the prompt response here andelsewhere normal production was restored at allakebono’s domestic plants by March 21 2011. OnMarch 22 Hisataka Nobumoto visited FukushimaManufacturing to offer words of encouragement aswell as to provide relief supplies to local associates.For local people in the disaster area we began sendingrelief supplies on March 12 2011 to Fukushima andSendai from where they were distributed to evacuationshelters. We helped associates and their families who hadbeen living in designated evacuation areas or whose houseshad collapsed to evacuate to the Kanto area. FromMarch 13 2011 to April 30 2011 we provided accommodationfor 18 families or a total of 85 people at companydormitories and business hotels.Also the sewage treatment tank at FukushimaManufacturing was damaged. Provisional repairs weremade but we plan to replace the damaged unit with a newtank that has higher earthquake resistance in August. Afterassessing our response to this earthquake we will reviewour business continuity plan (BCP) manual and revise it toremove bottlenecks regarding relief supplies as well as toimprove the performance of telecommunication facilitiesand other functions. This will ensure that in the future wewill be able to better select evacuation areas.akebono’s Disaster Response and Information DisclosureOn March 11 2011 approximately one hour after the GreatEast Japan Earthquake struck we established a “DisasterTask Force” at the Global Head Office in Nihonbashi. UnderPresident Hisataka Nobumoto the Disaster Task Forceplaced utmost priority on confirming the safety of associatesand their immediate families and other relatives whilecollecting information on the damage to branch offices plants suppliers and customers. On March 13 2011 weposted a preliminary assessment of damage sustained ateach plant and information on our future production planson our Website. The post also contained the informationthat Akebono Brake Yamagata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.(Yamagata Manufacturing) and Akebono Brake IwatsukiManufacturing Co. Ltd. (Iwatsuki Manufacturing) sustainedrelatively minor damage to their buildings and facilities andwould resume production on March 14 2011 as wouldTatebayashi Foundry on March 15 2011. In addition wedisclosed information on safety confirmation activities atour materials and parts suppliers. Furthermore on March14 2011 we announced that no major injuries had beensustained by Group personnel. We completed the damageassessments at our materials and parts suppliers on March16 2011 and learned of concerns regarding disruption insupply for some items. Along with offering relevant suppliershelp in restoring their operations we considered using substitutematerials and parts announcing this move in a newsrelease on March 16 2011. In addition on May 9 2011 we announced the recording of an extraordinary loss due tothe earthquake. The full restoration of our Proving Groundsis anticipated in fiscal 2013.Resuming Production and Helping out SurvivorsAmong our production plants Akebono Brake FukushimaManufacturing Co. Ltd. (Fukushima Manufacturing) was thenearest to the quake’s epicenter. In the afternoon of March13 2011 after the electricity supply resumed we made adetailed damage assessment with the cooperation of theGlobal Head Office. Although no buildings were found tohave collapsed we found materials in process and inventorystock scattered about inside the buildings productionequipment that had shifted sideways and cracks in theanti-seismic reinforcement braces. On March 14 2011 weSupport for RestorationTOPICS■Monetary SponsorshipThe akebono Group offered monetary sponsorship as wellas donations for the purchase of relief supplies totalingapproximately ?100 million to support survivors and therestoration of the disaster areas.■Volunteer ActivitiesSeven new recruits from Yamagata Manufacturing participatedin volunteer activities at the Sagae City CivicGymnasium on March 30 2011. They helped out with thesorting and transporting of relief supplies.President Nobumoto writing messages of encouragement for staff (FukushimaManufacturing on March 22 2011)akebono volunteers loading relief supplies