AKEBONO REPORT 2011 Akebono Brake Industry Co. Ltd. 7plant acquired from Bosch” says Kojima. What we havelearned through the integration of two different corporatecultures was how to approach communications that is we work to help people understand APS-based monozukurithrough explanations and repetition rather than pushingthem to understand. “If we can obtain understanding people will take action regardless of differences innationality and culture ” states Kojima.Through the introduction of APS we aim to share thephilosophy of monozukuri. This is a challenge that we facenot only in emerging countries but also in Japan theUnited States and Europe. Our next challenge will be tounify manufacturing processes line design and qualityacross the world. Kojima tells us “The drawing up ofdetailed instructions for every single manufacturing line isvery painstaking work. Once they have all been standardized however we will be able to spot trouble instantlywhen it occurs and recreate the situation to pin down thecause of it.” Our unflagging determination to offer highlycompetitive products is demonstrated by our efforts toimprove production lines through standardization.Monozukuri Dojo for hands-on experience ” says Maejo.We are also accelerating the development of a global personneldatabase that will allow quick searches for personalcareer histories and skills which will help build thefoundation for nurturing human resources. Through theseefforts we are aiming to set up a global personnel systemthat values individual abilities.Globalization at the production department is centered onthe Akebono Production System (APS)-based standardizationof operations. APS is the starting point of akebono’smonozukuri (manufacturing). “It turned out to be a valuableexperience for me to get involved in the project tointroduce akebono’s monozukuri to the North Americanakebono must establish a global personnel system inorder to achieve true globalization. Given the diverse cultures customs and regulations we deal with we haveneeded to create a foundation for personnel developmentthat involves a common global system from the viewpointsof compliance and nurturing of human resources.“In 2010 we first created a position class for generalmanagers and above and began introducing a personnelsystem based on global grading ” Maejo explains. Fromthis point akebono established a common system forJapan and North America and expanded it on a globalscale. Maejo goes on “The head of the North AmericanHR department is a woman named Sandra A. Murphree and we exchange opinions when we make detailed rules.”In July 2011 akebono launched the Akebono StandardPackage which offers common training all around theglobe for newcomers beginning with Japan. “The AkebonoStandard Package compiles our philosophies and historyso that new associates can share the enjoyment of workingfor akebono. When it is difficult to describe somethingthrough words or text we make effective use of theRyoko MaejoGeneral ManagerHR Talent & ManagementDevelopment DepartmentMasayoshi KojimaGeneral ManagerGlobal Monozukuri Implementation OfficeAiming for a Global Personnel System that Values Individual AbilitiesOur Driving Force for Lean Production FacilitiesFor details of the Akebono Standard Package and global personnel system please see page 13.For details of akebono’s monozukuri please see page 13.Feature Social Repor t Environmental Repor t Economic Repor t Reference Materials