Main ProductsFor automobiles (disc brakes and drum brakes)Our Products■Disc brake ■Drum brakeDisc brake padsDisc brake caliperDisc rotorBrake drumBrake liningDrum brake shoe? Disc brake calipers? Disc brake pads? Drum brakes? Drum brake shoes? Brake linings? Disc rotors? Brake drumsProducts for Automobiles4 3 2 1567890ABCDE1 2 3457 68 90ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ1 Piston seal2 Piston3 Piston boot4 Boot ring5 Bleed screw cap6 Bleed screw7 Cylinder body8 Lock pin9 Guide pin1 Bolt2 Bleeding screw3 Bleeding cap4 Check hole cover5 Back plate6 Wheel cylinders body7 Wheel cylinder cup8 Wheel cylinder boot9 Piston0 RetainerA Retainer springB Return spring(shoe to shoe spring)C Return spring(shoe to lever spring)D Adjuster screwE Adjuster nutF Adjuster socketG Adjuster leverH Shoe hold down springI Shoe hold down cupJ Shoe hold down pinK Parking brake leverL LiningM ShoeN RivetO Anchor plateP Wire guideQ DrumMain Components of Disc Brakes (Type AD) Main Components of Drum Brakes (Type LT)0 Pin bootA PadsB ShimsC Pad clipsD Mounting bracketE Rotor