Akebono’s Motorsports ChallengePursuit of “Absolute Safety and Unparalleled Control”Our ProductsGrand Prix RacingSince 2007, Akebono has been supplying brake calipers and brake master cylinders to the “Vodafone McLarenMercedes” team as an official supplier.MP4-28 (2013)All Japan Road Race Championship 2013: Takumi Takahashi ridinga HONDA CBR1000RR equipped with an Akebono brake systemIn Grand Prix racing, which is theworld’s most prestigious racing,brakes must be specifically tailoredto high-speed running. For example,when a racing car is approaching aturn at a speed of 300km/h andhas to decelerate to 80km/h withina mere three seconds, the brakingfor the deceleration heats the rotoralmost instantly to about 800°C.To create brakes that are alwaysreliable and stable under such conditions,Akebono continually strivesto enhance all aspects of its products,including structure, materialsand surface finishing.Road racing requires high-performancebrakes that enable a rider toquickly decelerate his motorcyclefrom a speed of 300km/h usingjust one finger. Riders also demandextreme responsiveness.Since 2011, Akebono has beenproviding braking systems to“MUSASHI RT HARC-PRO,” one ofJapan’s leading road racing teams.Mountain Bike Racing and Motorcycle RacingIn 2002, Akebono entered the world of mountain bike downhill racing and in 2003 began supplying a team in theAll Japan Road Race Championship in the JSB 1000 class that captured the title thanks to brilliant performances.