“Greet customers and colleagues with a smile anddeliver products that can make society better”“Research every possible configuration of frictionmaterials to shed light on braking mechanisms”“Become a brake expert capable ofresponding to any question aboutbraking”“Build brakes that have functionsunlike anything seen yet”“Establish an evaluation process thatmakes us absolutely trustworthy allover the world”“Establish more finely tuned C&S+t* to meetever-diversifying customer needs in a moreprecise manner”“Make products that are so quiet andreliable that people don’t have to worryabout the brakes at all”“Make comfortable brakes that provideabsolute safety for a long time”“Reduce the burden on both theenvironment and the operators”“Make dustless friction materialsthat are both people- and environment-friendly”akebono’s Corporate MissionThrough “Friction and Vibration, their Control and Analysis,”we are determined to protect, grow and supportevery individual life.Established 1999“Disseminate the brand slogan, “Absolute safety;Unparalleled control,” throughout the Company and makethis concept part of every routine”* “Commonization and Standardization(C&S) plus topping (t).” See pages 4-9.