Further Enhancing Our Corporate Brand and PursuingContributions to SocietyWe believe that we must continue to move forward to realize“akebono’s Corporate Mission,” because we believe that this isthe best way to contribute to society. To this end, we are persistentlycommunicating and sharing this belief in our mission withour associates worldwide, along with “akebono’s Declarationfor the 21st Century,” which sets forth a code of conduct forrealizing the Corporate Mission.We formulated our Brand Statement pursuant to theCorporate Mission as a part of initiatives based on corporatebrand management that were kicked off in 2005. The BrandStatement presents the ideal form of company that is our goalon a medium-term basis?with the aim of realizing the abovementionedmission on a long-term basis?as well as outlininga practical and effective way of achieving this goal in line withthe changing times. Moreover, we set our focus on two aspectsof our corporate image, namely, the provision of high-qualityproducts and services and being a technologically advancedmanufacturer. Since then, we have been striving to enhanceour corporate image through corporate branding promotionactivities.Akebono’s corporate brand management is based on therecognition that among the various stakeholders we come incontact with in the course of business operations, the mostimportant are our customers, shareholders and associates.Given this, we constantly strive to enhance our corporate value,trying to place equal emphasis on these three stakeholdergroups.The purpose of the Company’s corporate brand managementis to enhance Akebono’s uniqueness and attractivenessin support of its Corporate Mission by encouraging pride in theAkebono brand among associates and creating a vibrant organization.Each of our associates is fully aware of their connectionwith Akebono’s corporate brand and is assiduously working toenhance the brand image through their day-to-day tasks andactivities.Enhancing the Corporate Brand by Steadily Promoting CSRWe recognize that CSR is indispensable to corporate brandmanagement and essential to our continued businessoperations. Guided by “akebono’s Corporate Mission” andBrand Statement, we are becoming an organization that meetsthe various requirements of our stakeholders and voluntary targetsas a matter of course as we proceed with CSR activitiesthat aim to offer greater safety and security to people throughoutsociety.It is our hope that through the promotion of CSR activities,our associates will come to understand that they are able tocontribute to society through various aspects of business activities.By facilitating their confidence in Akebono, we believe thatthey can take greater pride in delivering safety and security tosociety, not only through brake products but through all aspectsof their service in the Company. Thus, we recognize that steadypromotion of CSR contributes to enhance attractiveness of ourcorporate brand and corporate value.Corporate Brand AwarenessSurvey and Brand ReportsAkebono has conducted surveys oncorporate brand awareness bothinside and outside the Group since2005, aiming to improve the effectivenessand efficiency of its corporatebrand management. Surveysare significant part of the Plan, Do,Check and Act (PDCA) cycle in corporatebrand promotion activities.In addition to Akebono associates,the scope of the survey includescustomers and suppliers in variousindustrial sectors.The scope of the fiscal 2012 survey was expanded furtherto include all Group sites in Japan, North America, Europe andAsia along with the 6,284 associates working there.By accepting stakeholder feedback and opinions with sincerity,we are aiming to ensure that our stakeholders gain greatersatisfaction from our products and services. Sharing whatour stakeholders have to say with our associates worldwide, weissue the Brand Report in-house newsletter both in Japaneseand English, helping further our corporate brand promotionactivities.Status of CSR Promotion (in-House)In accordance with the CSR Guidebook (revised edition as ofApril 2010) issued by the Japan Auto Parts IndustriesAssociation (JAPIA), Akebono is preparing a list of its ongoingCSR activities. By making those activities more visible and managingthem in a systemized manner, Akebono is ensuring thatall its CSR activities are steadily implemented.When preparing the abovementioned list, Akebono is utilizingISO 26000 management system and the internal inspectionsystem which is incorporated in said system. Also, committeesand project teams launched to promote CSR are evaluating theCSR activities conducted in each business segment. By doingso, Akebono works to clarify its management issues on CSRfrom global perspective and sets priorities for addressing them,thereby improving overall CSR activities.Relationship Diagram?Corporate Brand and CSRakebono’s Corporate MissionCBCSRBrand statementDirection ofactivitiesAttractiveness of Akebono brandTrust from societyakebonoらしさが、akebonoブランドです。Brand Report 2012Corporate Brand (CB) Management and Corporate Social ResponsibilityAchieving Akebono’s Corporate Mission through the Steady Promotion of CSR