Employment Rate of People withDisabilities in the Akebono GroupAkebono Group Akebono Brake and Akebono 123(%)’03 ’04 ’05 ’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 ’10 ’11 ’12Statutoryemploymentrate1.8%AkebonoGroup2.20%September 2003Founding of Akebono 123(FY)012341.81.52.331.642.311.722.881.922.942.003.173.37 3.473.753.402.02 2.03 1.98 2.05 2.20AkebonoBrake andAkebono 1233.75%Vocational Scholarship Programs: Providing OngoingSupport for Working StudentsSince 1964, Akebono has provided students with scholarshipsthrough its Vocational Scholarship Program, a schemethat allows them earn wages by working at Akebono while alsopaying their academic fees. This program has supported arange of students, including those earning college degrees inearly childhood education or nutrition to help them acquirequalifications as kindergarten teachers, nursery workers andnutritionists. Although these students may go on to work atplaces other than Akebono after completing their studies, thisprogram enriches local communities. For example, AkebonoBrake Fukushima Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (FukushimaManufacturing) signed up 24 students at the beginning of fiscal2013. To date, Akebono has nurtured more than 3,000scholarship recipients, including some who are the secondgeneration in their family to be so.Inviting Students on Office and Plant ToursAkebono is proactively inviting elementary and junior highschool students to tour its office and plants across Japan.From September 2012 to January 2013, we invited 608 studentsfrom seven elementary schools to participate in toursat Ai-City in support of Saitama Prefecture’s elementaryschool educational programs. After a briefing about the companyand the basics of brakes, students saw the miniaturebrake pad manufacturing line and visited the brake technologyeducation patrol car (see also page 24) as well as the“Ai-Museum” (Brake Museum). Similar tours, welcoming arange of children and students from local communities, areheld at production plants at Iwatsuki, Fukushima and otherlocations.Akebono Brake, Elizabethtown Plant (ABE), one ofAkebono’s U.S. locations, also hosts plant tours. In 2012, itinvited Japanese studentsstudying at asupplementary schoolin Elizabethtown to providethem with opportunitiesto learn aboutbrakes.Putting Down Roots in Communities Worldwide withRespect for Human RightsSince establishing Akebono BrakeAstra Vietnam Co., Ltd. (AAVH)and Akebono Brake Mexico S.A.de C.V. in 2011 and in 2012,respectively, we have been proactivelyrecruiting local humanresources to work at these twocompanies. AAVH began operationswith a workforce of 55 personsconsisting of 51 local associates, including one manager,and four expatriates, three from Indonesia and one from Japan.In Mexico, we recruited seven local associates while dispatchingthree expatriates from Japan. Plans call for increasing the numberof local associates to around 30 by December 2013. As forthe managers in charge of human resources and general affairs,we are proactively appointing local associates, looking to themto provide leadership in the future.AAVH holds to the traditions of its parent company, PT.Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia (AAIJ), of advocating the higheststandards of respect for human rights. Likewise, AkebonoBrake Mexico S.A. de C.V. will strive to put down roots, deepeningits understanding and respect of local customs, cultureand value systems.Initiatives of Akebono 123?Working Together with Peoplewith DisabilitiesAkebono 123 Co., Ltd., a special-purpose subsidiary of theAkebono Group that provides employment for people with disabilities,is working to help them achieve personal growththrough duties. While strengthening their relationships withsociety through the provision of employment, Akebono 123 isproactively participating in local events. One of these eventsincluded a vocationalskill competition heldin July 2012, and twoAkebono 123 associatesreceived prizes inthe category of buildingcleaning.Ribbon-cutting ceremony at the AAVH openingPrize-winning associates displaying medals and prize certificationsPlant tour at ABE, the United StatesWith Local CommunitiesProviding Secure Employment and Nurturing Future GenerationsNurturing not only its associates, Akebono strives to help its local communities raise future generations throughsuch unique initiatives as scholarship programs.