With Our AssociatesNurturing Human Resources to Enhance Corporate Value as a Global CompanyAs it strives to enhance its corporate value, Akebono puts emphasis on human resources in its global operations.Basic Human Resources PolicyTo provide opportunities to all associates and to supportthem so that they can share in the Company’s successes.Akebono believes that the most important factor that guidesa company to success is human talent (our associates).Guided by that belief, we adopted a basic human resourcepolicy that states “each associate must be given the opportunityto exert their abilities and be continuously supportedto share their successes with the company.” We are strivingto build our long-term global personnel policy as well as tofacilitate associates’ ability to establish their individualityand foster mutual respect and trust.Moreover, we are reinforcing human rights education andenlightenment to support the achievement of an organizationwith abundant diversity and creativity.Nurturing Globally Capable Human Resources and OrganizationsIn fiscal 2011, Akebono began issuing the Akebono StarterBook, a standard educational package for use at all itsbases worldwide by newly recruited associates. We alsoencourage leaders working at Akebono’s locations worldwideto interact with each other and younger associates to applyfor duties overseas. In this way, we are striving to build astrong organization capable of surviving in global markets.■ Overseas Training Plan for Younger AssociatesAkebono encourages younger associates to participate in the“Overseas Training Plan,” which stations them overseas intheir early years with Akebono, helping them understanddiverse cultures through the experience of living abroad.From 2012 onward, countries where languages other thanEnglish are spoken were additionally specified as destinationcountries, with the aim of advancing this plan even further.■ Global Leadership ForumWe invite global leaders who work at Akebono’s overseaslocations to participate in the “Global Leadership Forum,” avenue for exchanges on issues currently confronting theCompany and the proposal of solutions. In fiscal 2012, suchsessions were held over four days from August 28, 2012 andattended by 19 associates from all around the world. Dividedinto four groups, the participants made presentations onissues of concern as well as solutions and engaged in livelydiscussions that continued even after the forum. Conclusionswere presented to board members at the presentation meetingheld in January 2013.■ Began Holding Global Leader Meeting by SectionIn addition to the abovementioned forum, in fiscal 2012 webegan holding meetings of global leaders by section, specifically,the Global Sales Meeting (April 2012), Global SafetyMeeting (July 2012), Global Quality Meeting (September2012) and Global Purchasing Meeting (October 2012).Through these and other initiatives, including monthly reportswith updates on locations worldwide, we are striving toresolve issues confronting Akebono by rallying the sharedexpertise of colleagues from across the Group.■ Global Meeting of Developers from Five BlocksTo strengthen cooperation between the Akebono Group’sR&D bases in regions around the world, in 2012 we beganholding Global Meetings of Developers from Five Blocks,which aim to facilitate the exchange of opinions between theglobal leaders of development sections. With participantsfrom Japan, Europe, North America, China and Indonesia, weheld five such meetings during fiscal 2012, discussing prioritydevelopment projectsand priority issuestoward the “akebonoNew Frontier 30 -2013.” We will to continueto facilitatecommunication amongcolleagues worldwide tocreate “One Team.”Open House EventTopicsAs one of our corporate brand management activities, we hold“Open House Event” days at each location, inviting families ofassociates to come to see where their family members are working.In fiscal 2012, such visiting days were held at Ai-City headquarters,the Global Head Office in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, and three otherdomestic locations with 189 people participating. The contents ofthese visiting days included the tours of office spaces and manufacturinglines, quizzes about the places toured and a classenabling participants to get hands-on experience of manufacturing.From participants, we heard such comments as “I wasimpressed that Akebono is making components used in the bullettrains and automobiles I see every day. After I grow up, I want a jobthat helps people” and “Being an ex-associate, I recalled my goodold days at Akebono as I toured these sites. I was also happyabout having my children see where their father is working.”We have also hosted similar events at overseas sites, includingthe Columbia Plant in the United States.Through such activities, westrive to win these family members’understanding of theCompany to instill pride inAkebono in our associates.Open House Event held at Ai-City (August 2012)Discussion was brisk and unconstrained