03 ’04 ’05 ’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 ’10 ’11 ’12National Origins of InternsUnited States, United Kingdom, Italy, India, Greece, Sweden, Austria, Spain, Thailand, Slovakia,Germany, Turkey, France, Finland, Portugal, Mexico03691512(Number of interns)(Year)274 3411 12 111510Number of Interns AcceptedSpecial Feature Social Repor t Environmental Repor t Economic Repor t Corporate Information“Ai-Village” Global Training Center CompletedIn December 2012, we completed the construction of our“Ai-Village” global training center in Hanyu City, SaitamaPrefecture, a facility created to nurture globally capablehuman resources.The Akebono Group took over the North American brakebusiness of Robert Bosch LLC in 2010 and today 60% of theGroup’s net sales are generated outside Japan and 60% of itsassociates work outside Japan. In addition to North America,we are striving to strengthen our overseas business networksin Europe and Asia. This will, in turn, further increase the proportionsof both overseas sales and associates.We recognize that to accelerate and expand our overseasoperations, it is essential for each organizational unitto achieve true globalization. We are challenged to create acompany wherein people with diverse backgrounds and perspectiveswork together, pooling their knowledge and experienceto realize greater organizational capabilities.Ai-Village was established to provide a place for suchexchange among associates from across the Group and isexpected to facilitate the creation of new value as well asthe establishment of “One Team.”Fully utilizing this facility, we will strive to nurture associateswho will go on to lead our global operations andsolidify our foundation of human resources over mediumandlong-terms.Outline of Ai-VillageAi-Village comprises both training and accommodationfacilities and is expected to host a total of around 10,000associates from around the world every year. At times ofemergency, Ai-Village can serve as a disaster responsecenter, converting its training facilities into accommodationfor approximately 200 people.“Ai” has a double meaning. The first is as an acronymfor “Akebono Innovation,” the second is as a literal readingof the word ai in Japanese, meaning indigo dying,which Hanyu City was traditionally known for. “Village”denotes the location of this facility near the east end ofarea surrounding Ai-City, and is pronounced in the Frenchmanner.Striving to Diversify Human ResourcesAt Akebono, the human resources we recruit are increasinglydiverse as we aim to accelerate the expansion of globaloperations.■ Introduction of Regular Recruiting of Fresh Graduates in AutumnIn fiscal 2012, we began the regular recruiting of fresh universitygraduates in autumn, targeting graduates from overseasuniversities, which differ with regard to the month ofgraduation by region. On October 1, 2012, for the first timewe held a welcome ceremony for newly recruited associatesin autumn. On the same day, we also held ceremony for freshgraduates who won the offer of job commencing from April2013. We are careful to ensurethat those recruited in April andOctober undergo the sametraining sessions. Lookingahead, we will continue to nurturethe human resources whowill go on to create new valuesand lead our global operations.■ InternshipAkebono is proactively accepting interns from abroad. In fiscal2012, each section of Ai-City headquarters accepted oneor more interns. By facilitating proactive interaction betweenassociates and interns, including exchange events, we arestriving to nurture their sense of being part of an internationalconcern.An exterior view of Ai-VillagePresentation room modeled after auniversity auditoriumLounge areas for enhancedcommunicationKitchen facilities for cross-culturalexchange through cookingDedicated language laboratories andstudy rooms■Main Features of the Facility? Flexible learning spaces that can be arranged to suit programrequirements? Accommodation for medium-stay and long-term visitors (56 rooms)? Library facilities to support self-study through e-learning and othermeans? Video conferencing functions to strengthen worldwide networkingamong global facilitiesAssociates recruited in October 2012