Diversity ManagementTo become a truly global company that helps each associateto fully realize their potential, Akebono is implementing diversitymanagement centered on three key initiatives: diversitypromotion; work-life balance promotion; and career developmentassistance. In line with these initiatives, in 2012 weestablished the Diversity Working Group, consisting of non-Japanese associates and Japanese associates who havelong experience as expatriates, and charged it with gatheringassociates’ opinions on diversity promotion and presentingproposals to management.Initiatives Aimed at Maintaining a High Retention RateIn recent years, growing numbers of new graduates havebeen resigning within a few years of being hired, a trend thatis breeding increasing social anxiety. In response, Akebonois striving to maintain and improve its associate retentionrate. Thanks to these efforts, as of the beginning of fiscal2013, 98% of the associates hired in fiscal 2010 remainedin the Company.Work-Life BalanceWe are developing a working environment that allows associatesto choose their own work styles, enabling them to strikea balance between their vocational and private lives. In additionto preparing various programs aimed at assisting associatesraising children and those nursing their familymembers, we are aiding associates’ career development inways that suit their individual needs and offer opportunitiesto participate in self-improvement activities, including communitywork and foreign language training.■Childcare Leave PlanWe have a childcare leave plan that exceeds legal standards.For example, eligible associates can apply for childcareleave until the child’s third birthday. Eligible associatescan shorten their working hours by two hours per day untilthe child’s enrollment in junior high-school. Moreover, eligibleassociates can take up to five days per year of leave thatis separate from annual paid leave to nurse sick children.■Career Partner PlanFor those who leave the company due to family duties suchas childcare, care giving, accompanying a spouse on aregional assignment or for other reasons, we offer a CareerPartner Plan that provides them with opportunities to laterrejoin Akebono. This plan is also intended to provide associateswith diverse and flexible work styles. To date, five peoplehave rejoined Akebono through this plan.Overseas Labor ManagementWe recognize that maintaining stable labor-management relationshipsat overseas locations is important, and therefore,position it as an ongoing management issue. We are strivingto build cooperative relationships with labor unions throughmutual consultations and frank communications under thebasic policy of “harmonious labor relations.”For example, efforts are now under way at our Chinesesubsidiaries to improve their personnel systems based onthe revision made in fiscal 2012. While integrating the personnelsystems of subsidiaries in Guangzhou and Suzhou,we are working to develop fine adjustments to suit regionalcharacteristics, incorporating such features as regionallyspecific allowance programs. We are also promoting brandingactivities through the provision of educational programsaimed at nurturing a strong sense of loyalty among localassociates. In addition, in fiscal 2012 we began providinglocal associates working at these two subsidiaries withEnglish-language training programs.In Thailand, we have striven to recruit senior staff fromlocal candidates while helping our local subsidiary raisebrand awareness among people in universities and othereducational institutions. In Mexico, our involvement in theestablishment of local production base included hiring managerslocally and helping them formulate company rules.With the aim of sharing information on labor relationsand personnel administration in each country, we hold“Global Personnel Administration Meetings” on a regularbasis. At these meetings, we compare the personnel evaluationindex adopted at bases worldwide to aid in the improvementof administration.Looking ahead, we will continue to offer overseas operationslabor management support that respects and understandsthe national character and labor practices ofindividual countries.020406080100Associates’ Retention Rate (Japan)Number of Workers with Disabilities and Number ofSuch Workers Who Resigned9498 9592(%)’09 ’10 ’11 ’12 (Hired year)010203040(Persons)’08 ’09 ’10 ’11 ’12 (FY)322924223 24:Workers :ResignedWith Our AssociatesPersonnel Administration Responsive to DiversityTo keep up with globalization, Akebono is working to establish a personnelsystem that is responsive to the diversity of human resources.