01,0002,0003,000Number of Participants in the Kenko Akebono 21 Program(Persons)’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 ’10 ’11 ’12 (FY)1,774 1,899 1,9761,6291,893 1,7582,943Special Feature Social Repor t Environmental Repor t Economic Repor t Corporate Informationmay arise among their staff. As a result, the number of associateswho voluntarily consult a physician about their mental health isgrowing. While continuously reinforcing countermeasures againstthese problems, we will strive to raise associates’ awareness ofmental health to help them help themselves.Stepping Up Health Promotion Initiatives■ Mental HealthAt Akebono, the Health Management Office is in charge of addressingindividual mental health problems and related complaints fromassociates received by in-house physicians. Ensuring that informationis shared within the Company on a regular basis, the HealthManagement Office strives to bring about the smooth resolution ofsuch problems and complaints.Also, efforts are now under way to improve the capability of eachorganizational unit to manage mental health problems at throughstreamlined assessment and formulation of countermeasures.Our Basic Policy of Health ManagementAkebono recognizes that maintaining associates’ health is indispensablenot only for its ongoing business operations but also forthe society in which it operates. With this in mind, we are pursuinghealth promotion initiatives from the following viewpoints.1. Enhancing the quality of life of associatesa. Promoting physical and mental health while helping associatesmaintain favorable family relationships and goodhuman relationships at worksites2. Maintaining a healthy working environment that ensures along working lifea. Addressing the problem of increasing medical expensesb. Preventing the occurrence of health problems that mayresult in long-term absence or a decline in job performanceand productivity3. Exercising risk controla. Addressing health problems that may increase occupationaland commuting accidents or product defectsb. Infectious disease preventionCurrently, we are striving to reinforce countermeasures againstmental health problems as well as our health management structureas a whole, with the recognition that these are pressing issues.In addition, the Health Management Office has been separatedfrom the Human Resource Department in line with organizationalchanges made in January 2013. While strengthening the protectionson personal information, the Health Management Office willwork to identify obstacles to health promotion and strive to overcomethem.Strengthening Countermeasures against Mental Health ProblemsIn fiscal 2012, we launched an investigative commission to tacklethe root causes of mental health issues, with the human resourcedepartment and representatives from a labor union and healthinsurance association participating. Among its achievements, thecommission has introduced an improved survey method for identifyingmental health problems, developing a tally sheet that can besorted by age and has entries for job designation and personalcircumstances.Members of this commission also contacted such externalorganizations as the Japan Auto Parts Industries Association(JAPIA) and examined case studies of other companies in the sameindustry. Based on these inputs, they prepared the standard mentalhealthcare educational program and began teaching newlyappointed managers how to deal with mental health problems thatGlobal Safety MeetingTopicsTo share safety awareness with colleagues worldwide, onJuly 26, 2012, the first Global Safety Meeting was held atAi-City and attended by 54 associates, including the headsof major domestic operations as well as persons in chargeof safety from bases all around the world. At the meeting,we reconfirmed Akebono’s global safety policies while discussinghow to apply the concept of the “Commonizationand Standardization (C&S) plus topping (t)” (C&S+t)* initiativeto safety operations. Also, the attendees joined trainingprograms in the Monozukuri Center that included the practiceof “pointing and calling” (a correct procedure confirmationtechnique) and realistic accident simulations, such asa worker being caught ina machine. This was followedby a tour of themodel manufacturingline at Akebono BrakeIwatsuki ManufacturingCo., Ltd.*See pages 4-9.Training session using an accident simulation machineWith Our AssociatesHealth Promotion Initiatives at WorksitesAlong with maintaining a healthy working environment, Akebono is striving todevelop a better health management structure responsive to current needs.■ Reinforcing Health Management StructureAs we expand our business operations globally, we are striving toremain apprised of the status of health management at overseaslocations to ensure that all people are receiving necessary healthcare. In cooperation with a health insurance association, we areworking to have more associates and their spouses participate in“Kenko Akebono 21,” a health promotion program that encouragesparticipants to set exercise targets and to identify and treat healthproblems at their early stages.