Environmental Targets for Fiscal 2012 and Results AchievedInitiatives Medium- and long-term targets Targets for fiscal 2012 R&DPromotion of products containingno substances of concern (SOCs)Complete the conversion to leadfreesintered material by 2020 (forlocal and bullet train lines)Develop lead-free sintered material by 2013(for local and bullet train lines)ProductionReduction of total CO2 emissionsat five production plant in Japan1. Reduce CO2 emissions an annualizedaverage of 7% in the fiscal2008?2012 period (comparedwith fiscal 1990)2. Improve CO2 intensity more than1% every year until 2020Reduce CO2 emissions more than 7% comparedwith fiscal 1990Continue ISO 14001-relatedactivities and improve environmentalmanagement systemContinue to enhance environmentalactivitiesFirmly root ISO 14001 in operations andsteadily renew certificationsPromotion of zero-emission activitiesat production sites: eliminatedirect landfill disposalMaintain zero emissions Maintain zero emissions Environmental educationEnvironmental Dojo(training center)Nurture human resources to disseminateenvironmental preservationmethods to locationsnationwide through training programsimplemented atEnvironmental DojoGet feedback from the trainees and reflect itin the programLogisticsResponse to revised EnergyConservation Law (energy savingobligation of cargo owners)Reduce unit energy consumption 1%on a year-on-year basisContinue efforts to reduce unit energy consumption1% on a year-on-year basisPurchasingPromotion of green purchasingEstablish structure that ensurespurchasing activities in line with theGreen Purchasing Guidelines1. Continue survey of substances of veryhigh concern (SVHC) to be listed forREACH*2. Study and propose alternative materialsfor SOCsProduction engineeringPromotion of resource-savingdesignDevelop manufacturing facilitiesthat are reusable, achieving a greateryield ratio, energy saving andeco-friendly operations, thereby realizingenvironment-friendly manufacturingFurther enhance energy-saving and resourcesavingtechnologiesNote: Matters regarding safety and crisis management (business continuity plan) are presented on page 21 in a chart labeled “Status of CSR Promotion”*REACH: Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals**IMDS: International Material Data SystemEnvironmental ManagementTargets and ResultsUnder the leadership of the Global Environment Committee, we establish medium- and long-term targets foreach section as guidance for our efforts to achieve annual environmental targets.