Number of Staff Holding Major Environment-Related Qualifications(as of March 31, 2013)Name of qualification Number* of staffInternal environmental auditor 210Pollution control manager 33Water quality 13Atmosphere 11Noise and vibration 9Energy manager 66100 10 1* Total for six operations(Yamagata, Fukushima, Tatebayashi, Iwatsuki, Sanyo and Ai-City Headquarters)Specially controlled industrialwaste administratorRenewal Audit (three-year cycle)CertifiedRenewal Schedule (Year)ISO 14001 CertifiedGroup Members and OperationsCompanies/OperationsYamagata ManufacturingFukushima ManufacturingIwatsuki ManufacturingAPS*Ai-City HeadquartersTatebayashi FoundryR&D Centre**Alocs ***Sanyo ManufacturingABE (U.S.)ABG (U.S.)ABCS (U.S.)ABCT (U.S.)Akebono Europe (Gonesse) (France)Akebono Europe (Arras) (France)AAIJ (Indonesia)Akebono Corporation (Suzhou) (China)AKBT (Thailand)Akebono Corporation (Guangzhou) (China)’05 ’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 ’10 ’11 ’12 ’13Certificationdate00/0300/0302/0302/0303/0310/0303/0307/0701/0501/0701/0702/0801/1004/0904/0902/0108/1109/1210/09Notes:1. 00/03 means “certified in March 2000.”2. Please see page 66 to 67 for the official names of Group members and operations.3. Operations marked by a single asterisk (*) were certified as part of Iwatsuki Manufacturing.4. Operations marked by double asterisks (**) were certified as part of Ai-City Headquarters.5. Operations marked by triple asterisks (***) were certified accompanying an expansion inthe scope of certification to encompass the Production Engineering Division in July 2007and were included in Iwatsuki Manufacturing in March 2010.6. Tatebayashi Foundry was certified accompanying an expansion in the scope ofcertification for Ai-City Headquarters.Environmental ManagementISO Certifications, Environmental Audits and EducationIn tandem with the renewal of ISO certifications and environmental audits,we are continually upgrading our environmental education program.Renewal of ISO CertificationsIn 1999, the former Akebono Brake Miharu Manufacturing Co., Ltd.obtained ISO 14001 certification, becoming the first Akebono Groupmember to garner ISO certification. Since then, each Group member inJapan has obtained the certification, extending the scope of coverageto include back-office sections. Group members overseas were alsocertified, with ABCS in North America in the lead. All of these Groupmembers maintain their certifications through audits and renewals.The latest renewals were completed in 2012. Moreover, Akebonoencourages suppliers to get involved in its environmental activities.Reflecting the Results of Audits in the Environmental Management SystemOur environmental management system receives annual externalaudits in addition to once every three year external audits for therenewal of certification. Also, in-house auditors conduct internalaudits at least once a year.In the latest external audit held in fiscal 2012, observations*included the need for separate disposal of NiCd batteries.** Therewas also a request for us to enhance supplier training and inspectionsas opportunities to find further improvement points.On the other hand, our environmental management system wasevaluated as appropriately established and operated, greatly contributingto the mitigation of the environmental load through proactiveinitiatives for improvement, such as the improvement of paintingbooths.In response to these comments, we implemented improvementmeasures, including the introduction of a special disposal box forNiCd batteries. We will continue our efforts to reduce the environmentalload.*Observations: Events identified by audits that are at present not deemed to be in“non-conformance,” that is, failing to meet customer requirements and/or in-houserules, but have potential to be in non-conformance in the future.** Although nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries are widely used for motors due to theirhigh power capacity, the cadmium contained in such batteries is toxic and contaminatesthe environment without proper disposal.Online Education Program for Environmental, Safety and HR* TrainingAkebono has set up an education system to raise environmentalawareness through educational activities for new recruits and allother associates.The Akebono Brake, Clarksville Plant (ABCT) has developed anonline education system for environmental, safety and HR trainingthat allows associates to take courses not only on site, but also athome. The system is designed so that all associates are able tomaster the knowledge they need through a combination of onlineeducation and on-site training and tests. Of the 52 courses currentlyoffered, 34 are mandatory for all employees and others are mandatoryfor new recruits.ABCT’s environmental engineer Zachary Keeton, who is in chargeof the online education program, remarked, “The system has beenextremely useful in improving associates’ awareness of health, sanitationand the environment. The site’s Green Certification (see page48) was also thanks to education through this system. I hope we cancontinue to improve the program, using the advantages of bothonline and on-site activities.”*Abbreviation for “human resources”Zachery Keeton, environmentalengineer, ABCTTraining using the online education program