Reinforcing Our Core Competitiveness to Achieve TrueGlobalizationAmid rapid globalization, Japan’s manufacturing sector continuesto confront significant challenges in spite of some relief affordedby yen depreciation. To survive and prosper in the era of total globalization,it is essential to identify the roles and strengths ofJapanese manufacturers, and, further, to reinforce our commitmentto Monozukuri, namely, the value-added-product manufacturingthat underpins our business, at home and in our manufacturingfacilities throughout the world. To this end, the Akebono Grouplaunched the new midterm business plan “akebono New Frontier30 - 2013” (aNF30 - 2013) aimed at achieving true globalization. Acritical priority of this plan is “making a difference with next-generationtechnologies” by establishing stronger core competitivenessin manufacturing. Immediately following the Great East JapanEarthquake, the Akebono Group’s production volume recovered ata pace that was truly remarkable and well beyond expectations?apace that reminded us of the potential of Group associates. Theyset an example for all of us and demonstrated that by workingtogether so that we realize everyone’s potential we can ensure thatAkebono will become a truly successful global company.Top MessageTwo Key Fields: Brakes for High-Performance CommercialVehicles and Brakes for Cars Produced Using Global PlatformSystemsAs a part of the initiative to promote “making a difference withnext-generation technologies,” we are proactive in focusing ourefforts to supply products for two key fields: high-performancecars and mass produced passenger vehicles assembled onglobal platforms.Since 2007, Akebono has continually pushed the limits ofbrake technology for Formula One racing cars. This project hasrequired a significant commitment of resources but it has enabledus to nurture and challenge our engineers. In addition to extremespeed, winning in Formula One requires, above all, creativity. Weknow that in meeting the extreme requirements of a Formula Onerace, we are building up Akebono’s industry-leading brake-relatedtechnological competencies. At the same time, our brand name isgaining recognition among the general public and vehicle assemblers,especially in Europe. As a result of these efforts, Akebono’sbrake systems have been chosen for the P1?, an ultra-high-performancecar produced by U.K.-based McLaren. Building on thisachievement, we will step up our efforts to supply brakes for additionalhigh-performance vehicles.“Ai-Village” global training center, completed in December 2012To Realize True Globalization,We Are Promoting Monozukuri underthe Slogan “One Goal, One Team,One akebono” All around the World