Ai-City Certified as Excellent Large-Scale Business FacilitySaitama Prefecture adopted a cap-and-trade emissions tradingsystem* in April 2011 to reduce the greenhouse gasemissions of large-scale business facilities. The systemrequires target facilities to reduce CO2 emissions by at least8% for offices and 6% for plants during the period from fiscal2011 to fiscal 2014.Under this system, Ai-City, the Akebono Group headquarters,was certified as an “excellent large-scale business facility”by Saitama Prefecture in August 2012. The certification isgiven to business facilities with a proven record in achievingconsiderable reductions in CO2 emissions. Akebono was oneof the first to receive the certification.Having installed thermal insulation and power-saving facilities,Ai-City will aim to further improve energy efficiencythrough such efforts as recovering waste heat from backuppower facilities, which were installed in-house in 2011.* Under this system, business facilities that have consumed 1,500klor more in crude oil equivalent energy for three consecutive yearsare obligated to reduce their CO2 emissions. Facilities that do notmeet the specified targets must trade for credits with facilities thathave exceeded their reduction targets.Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare’s Excellence AwardGranted to AkebonoIn recognition of its efforts to create a working environmentthat allows associates to participate in childcare and nursingcare, Akebono was awarded the fiscal 2012 excellence awardfrom the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare in the Family-Friendly Enterprises category of the Equal Opportunity & Work-Life Balance Awards. Akebono’s childcare leave plan, whichexceeds the required legal standard, reduced working-hoursplan to assist with childcare and nursing care and childcarestipend plans were highly evaluated.At the awards ceremony held on October 9, 2012, at theMinistry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), PresidentNobumoto received the award certificate and plaque.■ Main Certifications and Awards for Efforts to Create a HealthyWorking Environment2005 Received Prefectural Labor Bureau Director’s Awardfrom the MHLW in the gender equality category2007 Received Kurumin Mark* from the MHLW for effortsto support associates’ child-raising2008 Received Prefectural Labor Bureau Director’s Awardfrom the MHLW in the Family Friendly Enterprisescategory2010 Received the “Child and Youth Support Award” ofthe “Awards Program for Contributor to Child andYouth Upbringing and Childcare” sponsored byJapan’s Cabinet Office* Certificate of family-friendly enterprises granted by MHLW upon application byan eligible company. To qualify, a company must formulate and implement anaction plan with specific targets.Excellent large-scale business facility certificationAkebono will continue to pursue greater energy efficiency,aiming for the top level of certificationGreen curtainVines such as bitter melon and loofahare planted along the wall of thecafeteria, filtering the sunlight andthus helping to reduce the need forair conditioningRooftop water sprinklersSprinklers wet rooftops with waterdrawn from wells, mitigating rises inindoor temperaturesAkebono’s Main InitiativesChildcare leaveplanAssociates can take paid leave until the March following the child’s third birthday (the leave can be taken in multiple parts).Status: used by 2 male and 50 female associates in the past three yearsNursing careleave planAssociates can take up to two years paid leave per family member to nurse.Status: used by 2 male associates in fiscal 2012.Child nursingcare planAssociates can take up to five days of leave per year (ten days for associates with two or more children) to nurse sick or injured children or for children’sdoctor visits until the child graduates from elementary school. This leave is separate from annual paid leave.Measures toreduce workinghoursChildcare plans?Reduced working-hours planAssociates can use the system multiple times until children graduate fromelementary school.Status: used by 3 male and 46 female associates in the past three years?Flex time plan?Childcare stipend planA fixed monthly stipend until the March after the child’s third birthdayNursing care plans?Reduced working-hours planAssociates can work reduced hours for up to a total of three years.These can be taken in multiple parts.Status: used by 2 male and 2 female associates in the past threeyears.?Flex time planOther plans・ The Career Partner Plan allows associates who left the Company for family reasons to rejoin the Company at the same position they held beforeleaving.・ The Company sets up a temporary on-site day care facility for associates who work on weekends during the summer as parts of efforts to shiftpeak electricity demand.Improvementsto Companyenvironment・The Company implements work-life balance workshops for newly appointed managers.・Information about balancing work and private life is provided in pamphlets and via the Company intranet.・Ai-City headquarters implements a lights-out policy at 7 pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.・During children’s summer vacation every year, we hold “Open House Event” days, in which the families of associates can visit their workplace.Environmental ManagementInitiatives to Create a Better Workplace (Japan)With an eye to recent social trends, we are pursuing our goal to becomea company that is both people-friendly and environment-friendly