Initiatives at Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia (AAIJ)Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia (AAIJ) is planting various kindsof trees on the premises of its newly built office as part of itsefforts to become a “wonderful company.”* Planted in considerationof the local community, the trees absorb such exhaustgases as CO2 and include Ashoka trees (Saraca asoca), whichboast an outstanding noise-absorbing property.*Since 2007, AAIJ has been promoting the “Wonderful Company Project,” a company-wide campaign to become a global player.Initiatives at Akebono Brake, Elizabeth Plant (ABE)During fiscal 2012, Akebono Brake, Elizabeth Plant (ABE) managedto recycle 14,000 tons of waste material, consisting ofcardboard (300 tons), high-density polyethylene plastic (50tons), baled plastic film (30 tons), scrap metal (13,957 tons)and electronic scrap materials (7 tons).ABE is especially mindful with regard to the safe disposalof hazardous waste.On September 8, 2012, ABE cooperated in collecting 11tons of hazardous waste, including pesticides, as a co-sponsorof a local community event held as part of nationalEnvironmental Week observations.Glodokan Trees (Polyathia longifolia)Glodokan Trees (Polyathia longifolia)Green Business Certificate Awarded by Clarksville-MontgomeryAkebono Brake, Clarksville Plant (ABCT) wasawarded a Clarksville-Montgomery CountyGreen Certification in April 2013.ABCT mainly manufactures drum brakes,rotors and corner modules. In addition toobtaining ISO 14001 certification, it hasimplemented unique initiatives, includingthe implementation of thorough office wasterecycling, the elimination of unnecessarypackaging, the installation of an ultra highperformancewater filtering system and theintroduction of an online education program(see page 36), which led to the latest honor.Mayor of Montgomery County Carolyn Bowers and Mayorof the City of Clarksville Kim McMillan both attended theaward ceremony and thanked ABCT for its contribution tomeeting the municipal target of reducing the volume of landfillwaste.Akebono Brake, Clarksville Plant (ABCT)TOPICSGreen ribbon-cutting ceremony with the mayorsof Montgomery and ClarksvillePlumeria (frangipani) treesblooming with colorful flowersMango, frangipani, and orange jasminetrees planted outside the office alonga walkway paved with black-and-whitebricks typically seen in IndonesiaAshoka trees planted around the office premisesA banner advertising the waste collection eventClarksville-Montgomery CountyGreen BusinessCertification[Ashoka tree (mast tree)]Found commonly in the Indian Subcontinent and the Southeast Asia, the treesgrow straight up and were once used for masts of sailing vessels due to theirlightness and ease of growing. They are also good at absorbing noise.[Orange jasmine]Tropical, evergreen plant bearing white scented flowers, from which the commonname is derived.Environmental ManagementInitiatives to Create a Better Workplace (Global)We promote people- and environment-friendly operations at our business sites across the world.