1929 The Company is founded as Akebono Sekimen Kogyosho andbegins manufacturing woven linings and clutch facings1936 Reorganized as Akebono Sekimen Kogyo Co., Ltd.1939 Hanyu Manufacturing Plant is constructed and beginsoperations1952 Star ted producing wear-resistant resins for rail cars1958The Company’s resin brake shoes and disc brake pads areadopted on Japan National Railways’ “Kodama” and “Asakaze”express trainsThe First Phase of Transition1960Signed a brake-related technical assistance contract withBendix Corporation of the United StatesChanged the company name to Akebono Brake Industr y Co.,Ltd.1961The technical assistance contract with Bendix Corporation ofthe United States is extended to cover brake liningsListed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange1962Iwatsuki Manufacturing Plant is constructed and beginsoperations (now Akebono Brake Iwatsuki Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.)1965Established Sanyo Brake Industr y Co., Ltd. as a joint venturewith Hiruta Kogyo Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Heavy IndustriesLtd. (now Akebono Brake Sanyo Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)1968Established Hosei Brake Industr y Co., Ltd. as a joint venturecompany with Toyota Motor Corporation, Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.and Toyoda Iron Works Co., Ltd.1969 Signed a contract with Bendix Corporation of the United Statesfor anti-skid brakes1971Fukushima Manufacturing Plant is constructed and beginsoperations (now Akebono Brake Fukushima Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.)Construction of the corporate head office is completed (inNihonbashi, Tokyo)1973 Established Sanyo Hydraulic Industr y Co., Ltd. (now AkebonoBrake Sanyo Manufacturing Co., Ltd)1974 Established the Japan Brake Safety Research Institute Co.,Ltd. (now the Akebono Research & Development Centre Ltd.)1976 Miharu Manufacturing Plant is constructed and beginsoperations1980 Established Akebono America, Inc. as a locally-incorporatedcompany in the United States1981 Established Akebono Engineering Co., Ltd.1982 Type AD disc brakes win the 1981 Japan Society of MechanicalEngineers Award1983 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange1984The Japan Brake Safety Research Institute Co., Ltd. isrenamed Akebono Research & Development Centre Ltd.Technology is licensed to Automotive Products Inc. in theUnited Kingdom1985 Akebono Europe S.A. is established as a locally-incorporatedcompany in France (now Akebono Europe S.A.S. (Gonesse))The Second Phase of Transition1986Established Ambrake Corporation as a joint venture withGeneral Motors of the United States (now Akebono Brake,Elizabethtown Plant)Established Akebono Brake Iwaki Manufacturing Co., Ltd. andbegan constructing a test course and manufacturing plant1987An anti-lock brake system (ABS) that is based on technologyunique to Japan is adopted for the first time by automakersSigned a technical assistance contract relating to frictionmaterials with Valeo of FranceSigned a technical assistance contract relating to ABS withRober t Bosch GmbH of West Germany (at the time)1988 The “Proving Grounds” test course is completed (Iwaki City,Fukushima Prefecture) (now ""Ai-Ring"")1989 Established Akebono B.S.E.C. Inc.1992 Established Akebono Brake Yamagata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.1994Established AMAK Brake L.L.C. as a locally-incorporatedcompany in the United States (now Akebono Brake, GlasgowPlant)1995Established Akebono Corporation (a general holding company)as a locally-incorporated company in the United StatesEstablished the Centre de Recherche Europ?en Akebono (CREA)in France1996Acquired equity interest in PT. Tri Dharma Wisesa in Indonesia(now PT. Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia)The Tatebayashi manufacturing plant is constructed andbegins operations1997 Acquired ISO 9001 cer tification companywide for automobiledisc brakes1998Established Akebono Arras S.A. as a production site in France(now Akebono Europe S.A.S. (Arras))Established Akebono Corporation (Nor th America) as a locallyincorporatedcompany in the United States (controlling companyin the U.S.) (now Akebono Brake Corporation)Signed an exclusive sales agreement with B.E.I. Technologies,Inc. in the United States for quar tz angle rate sensors forautomobiles2001 Completed construction of the “Akebono Cr ystal Wing” (ACW)as the new corporate office in Hanyu City, Saitama Prefecture2003Established Akebono 123 Co., Ltd.Established Akebono Corporation Asia PTE. LTD. in Singapore2004Akebono 123 Co., Ltd. received cer tification as a specialsubsidiar y company, the first manufacturing site in SaitamaPrefecture to receive this awardCompleted the “Ai-Museum,” which is devoted to brakes, inHanyu City, Saitama PrefectureEstablished Akebono Corporation (Guangzhou) as a locallyincorporatedcompany in ChinaEstablished Akebono Corporation (Suzhou) as a locallyincorporatedcompany in China2005Established APS CorporationMerged Sanyo Brake Industr y Co., Ltd. and SanyoHydraulic Industr y Co., Ltd. to form Akebono Brake SanyoManufacturing Co., Ltd.Converted Ambrake Corporation to a wholly owned subsidiar y(now Akebono Brake, Elizabethtown Plant)2006Established Akebono Advanced Engineering (UK) Ltd. as alocally-incorporated company in the United KingdomEstablished Akebono Brake (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as a locallyincorporatedcompany in Thailand2007Established Akebono Brake Europe N.V. as a locallyincorporatedcompany in BelgiumEstablished Akebono Brake Industrial Machiner y & RollingStock Component Sales Co., Ltd.Became an official supplier of the Vodafone McLarenMercedes team2008Completed the “Akebono Central Pier” (ACP) for the AkebonoChubu Office in Toyota City, Aichi PrefectureTatebayashi Foundr y begins operationsThe “Global Head Office” is completed in Nihonbashi, Tokyoas the new corporate head officeThe Third Phase of Transition2009 Signed a contract with Rober t Bosch GmbH to transferBosch’s Nor th America brake business2010PT. Tri Dharma Wisesa is renamed PT. Akebono Brake AstraIndonesiaStar ted supplying disc brake pads for Porche Panamera2011Established Akebono Brake Astra Vietnam Co., Ltd. as alocally-incorporated company in VietnamAkebono Corporation (Nor th America) is renamed AkebonoBrake CorporationType AD disc brakes are included in the “Registr y of EssentialHistorical Materials for Science and Technology (FutureTechnology Legacy)”2012 Established Akebono Brake Mexico S.A. de C.V. as a locallyincorporatedcompany in Mexicohighlights Akebono's global expansionAkebono HistoryMilestones of Global Development