Cautionary Statement Concerning OutlookCurrent plans, projections, strategies, business performance and other statements reported herein which are not historic facts represent forecasts made under Akebono’sassumptions and views based on information available at the time this report was prepared. These statements, therefore, are exposed to risks and uncertainties, including butnot limited to those associated with the economic climate surrounding Akebono’s business domain, trends in market competition, exchange rates, tax systems and variousinstitutions. Please note that actual business performance may differ significantly from Akebono’s forecasts due to various factors.Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) and Group affiliates (“Akebono” or “the Group”) have since fiscal 2002 preparedand disclosed an annual Environmental Report to increase public understanding of the Group’s environmental policy and related activitiesas well as to report on the results of such activities. Being aware of our accountability with regard to corporate social responsibility,from fiscal 2005 we started reporting on our CSR activities in our Environmental & Social Report. In fiscal 2009, we began includingfinancial information, such as results reporting and financial statements?traditionally published in our Annual Report?in this report,aiming to provide a better communication tool with a variety of information for stakeholders. We thus renamed it the AKEBONOREPORT.We aim to present our value creation process to our stakeholders in a more appropriate fashion. The International IntegratedReporting Council (IIRC), which provides an international framework for integrated reporting, has set out the following six guiding principles.Of these, we strive for a presentation that especially considers “strategic focus and future orientation.”1. Strategic focus and future orientation 4. Materiality and conciseness2. Connectivity of information 5. Reliability and completeness3. Stakeholder responsiveness 6. Consistency and comparabilityIn the 2013 report, as a way to showcase our strategic focus, we feature the new midterm business plan, “akebono New Frontier30 - 2013” (aNF 30 - 2013), which is aimed at realizing true globalization. In addition, we attempt to explain in detail strengtheninggovernance (p. 18), risk management (p. 19) and diversity (p. 29). As this is a future-oriented report, we also present product developmentlooking ahead to the aNF 30 - 2013 targets and 2020 as well as a detailed overview of management’s approach. And from thepoint of view of future business continuity, we present our risk management policy and the Business Continuity Plan, focusing on actionplans to make us more resilient to disasters, based on our experiences with the Great East Japan Earthquake and the flooding inThailand.In preparing the content of the AKEBONO REPORT 2013, in addition to the guiding principles of the IIRC, the EnvironmentalReports Guidelines 2012 issued by the Ministry of the Environment, the 3.1 edition of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelinesand ISO 26000 have been referred to with regard to editorial matters. Furthermore, the report has been written in a simple, easy-toreadmanner in order to raise the interest of the general public in Akebono. In addition, the report contains specific examples for thepurpose of deepening the understanding of readers with regard to Akebono’s activities at each facility.Reporting ScopeReporting PeriodThis report covers the annual results data for the 2012 fiscal year (April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013). In addition, certain informationon activities after the latter date is included to provide a better understanding of our ongoing efforts.OrganizationsActivity details and data are provided for Akebono facilities in Japan, North America, Europe, Thailand, China and Indonesia. Officialnames of some Group facilities have been abbreviated. Please see pages 66 and 67 for a complete listing of Group locations.Publication date: August 2013 (Last publication: September 2012; Next scheduled publication: August 2014)Inquiries:Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd. Corporate Communications OfficeTel: +81 (0) 3-3668-5183Fax: +81 (0) 3-5695-7391URL: http://www.akebono-brake.comE-mail: akebono_pr@akebono-brake.comCorporate InformationEditorial Policy