Special Feature 1: Our Business ModelEnhancing Strengths in Our Field of Specialty by Harnessing Our Independent StatusCommitted to Delivering “Absolute Safety” as an Independent Manufacturer Specializing in BrakesP Products for MotorcyclesDisc brakes40%Drum brakes12%Other automotive parts23%Components for industrialmachinery and rolling stock4%Disc brake pads21%Net Sales?254.2 billion? Disc brake calipers? Disc brake pads? Master cylindersM Master cylindersM Disc brakesSince its founding in 1929 Akebono has specialized in themanufacture of brakes maintaining no capital relationshipswith particular automakers. Striving to deliver safety andpeace of mind through brake products Akebono securesapproximately 90% of its net sales from automotive brakerelatedproducts.Specifically Akebono comprehensively develops and manufacturesbrake pads brake linings and other friction materialsas well as such mechanical parts as disc brakes and drumbrakes with customers around the world using its products.In addition to automotive brakes our product lineupsinclude brakes for motorcycles industrial machinery andrailcars as well as other machine and rolling stock components.Moreover we have drawn on our technologicalexpertise to develop such products as sensors. In the area ofrolling stock brakes we have provided brakes for theCentral Japan Railway Company bullet trains from the firstgenerationrailcar Type 0 series through to the latest N700Aas well as for a number of other bullet trains and railcarsused on conventional lines and monorails.Main ProductsSales Ratio by Product (%)Year Ended March 31 2015

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