Special Feature 1: Our Business ModelFriction Materials and Mechanical PartsAkebono is an independent brake supplier serving automakers worldwide without any constraint attributable to a capital relationship with anyparticular corporate group.Net Sales?254.2 billionGM 25%Toyota 11%Honda 6%Isuzu 5%Mitsubishi 5%Ford 6%Nissan 13%Replacement products 4%Industrial machineryand rolling stock brakes 4%Yamaha 3%Mazda 2%Daihatsu 2%Chrysler 6%Other 8%OEM sales account for more than 70% of the Company’s netsales. Main OEM customers include Toyota Nissan Honda Mitsubishi Isuzu and all other domestic automakers as wellas overseas automakers including GM Chrysler Ford P Disc brakesBrake pads clamp the rotor stopping its rotationP Drum brakesLining is pushed into the drum from the inside stopping itsrotationPorsche and Mercedes Benz. Currently Akebono boasts anapproximately 40% share of the domestic market for automotivedisc brake pads sold as genuine parts.Sales Ratio by Main Customers (%)Year Ended March 31 2015Disc rotorDisc brake padPadShimDisc brake caliperPad clip Pin bootMounting bracketGuide pinLock pinCylinder bodyBoot ringPiston sealPiston bootBleed screwBleed screw capPistonMain Components of Drum BrakesBrake shoeBrake liningDrumShoeAdjusterLiningParking brake leverAnchor plateBack plateReturn springPistonWheel cylinderBleeding screwMain Components of Disc BrakesBrake MechanismsBrake ComponentsEach of the four heels of a car may be equipped with disc ordrum brakes. Type of brakes is determined by the usage andcharacteristics of the car.

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