This allows the Company to enhance the efficiency of brakedevelopment. Among brake suppliers around the world Akebono is one of the few capable of manufacturing bothfriction materials and mechanical parts.As a comprehensive brake manufacturer Akebono developsand manufactures friction materials and components for discbrakes and drum brakes. In particular its North Americanbusiness involves the development and production of the corecomponents of disc brakes including calipers pads and rotors.With a wealth of expertise in brakes for a variety of vehicles Akebono also provides customers worldwide with aftermarketproducts backed by superior technologies and steadfast qualitycontrol that enable it to serve as an OEM supplier for majorglobal automakers.Friction materialssuppliersCalipers suppliersAkebono is one of thefew suppliers capable ofproviding both frictionmaterials and calipers.Disc brake padsRotorDisc brake calipersWheel cylinders Shoes & liningsAftermarket ProductsDevelopment and Production of Friction Materials and Mechanical PartsDisc brake pad

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