Special Feature 1: Our Business ModelSeamless Application of TechnologiesBoasting a wealth of expertise the Company also applies its core technologies in a range of fields.Core Technologies? High quality? High performance? Reliable? DurableHigh-performancecommercialvehicles Compactcars &PassengercarsCommercialvehiclesIndustrialmachineryRollingstockMotorcyclesFormulaOne racingApplication of Core TechnologiesProducing Brakes for Variety of Applications?from Passenger Cars to MotorsportsThe manufacture of automotive brake-related products constitutesAkebono’s primary business pillar with a robust product lineupencompassing a range of automotive brakes from those for passengercars to those for high-performance vehicles. Moreover weFormula 1 JSB 1000 class in the MFJ SUPERBIKE All Japan Road RaceChampionship SeriesAkebono’s Motorsports ChallengeFormula OneSince 2007 Akebono has been supplying brake parts including calipersand brake master cylinders to the McLaren team a prominent team participatingin Formula One?the world’s most prestigious motorsport.In Formula One a racing car may be approaching a turn at a speed of300km/h and have to decelerate to 80km/h within a mere three seconds.The braking for the deceleration heats the brake rotor almost instantly toabout 800°C. To create brakes with a performance that is assured to bealways reliable and stable under such conditions Akebono continuallystrives to enhance all aspects of its products including structure materialsand surface finishing.Motorcycle RacingTaking on a new challenge in 2004 Akebono began supplying brakesystems to a team in the JSB 1000 class a top category in the MFJSUPERBIKE All Japan Road Race Championship Series. Motorcycle racingrequires high-performance brakes that enable a rider to quickly deceleratefrom a speed of 300km/h. Riders also demand extreme responsiveness.Since 2011 Akebono has been providing braking systems to“MuSASHi RT HARC-PRO ” contributing to the team’s outstandingaccomplishments including winning the first prize at the Suzuka 8-hourEndurance Road Race for a second consecutive year both in the 2013 and2014 FIM Endurance World Championship Series.provide brake-related products for a variety of motorsports includingFormula One racing?the most prestigious motorsport category?with the aim of enhancing our technological strengths. We alsoproduce brakes for motorcycles rolling stock and industrial machinery drawing on our core technologies backed by a longstanding trackrecord in brake development

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