Akebono Corporation (Suzhou)PT. Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia Akebono Corporation (Guangzhou)A&M Casting (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Akebono Brake (Thailand) Co. Ltd. PadsDisc brakesDisc brakes PadsMotorcycle disc brakes Motorcycle master cylindersDrum brakesAkebono Brake Astra Vietnam Co. Ltd. Disc brakesPadsMotorcycle disc brakesMotorcycle master cylindersDrum brakesLiningsAkebono Brake Industry Co. Ltd. Representative Office (Singapore)Akebono Advanced Engineering (UK) Ltd. PadsDisc brakesAkebono Brake Slovakia s.r.o. Akebono Europe S.A.S. (Arras) Akebono Brake Europe N.V. Akebono Europe GmbH Akebono Europe S.A.S. (Gonesse) (Centre de Recherche Europ?en Akebono) Akebono Engineering Center Europe S.A.S. CastingsSpecial Feature 1: Our Business ModelOur Global LocationsAkebono serves markets around the world positioning Japan North America Europe and Asia as key target regions.Japan32%Indonesia6%North America52%China5%Thailand2%Europe3%Net Sales?254.2 billionEuropeAsiaSales Ratio by RegionYear Ended March 31 2015The breakdown of composition of sales by region reflectsthe success of our efforts to secure footholds in marketsworldwide. North American and Japanese sales accountfor approximately 50% and 30% of the Company’s netsales respectively. Asian sales represent a significantportion as well and are followed by European sales.Akebono established new business sites in France infiscal 2013 and in Slovakia and Thailand in fiscal 2014.

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