Regional strategiesOrders for brakes for high-performance vehicles are expected to become our growth driver inEurope. At the same time we anticipate an increase in operating loss due to startup costs andother forward-looking investment accompanying the launch of a disc brake production base inSlovakia (ABSK).We will reinforce our local R&D structure to establish a more robust foundation for ourEuropean business. At the same time we will streamline the operations of Akebono Europe S.A.S.(Arras) (AASA) cut material costs and improve productivity while optimizing product prices.8.910.95.0 4.97.40639122011 2012 2013 2014 2015(Billions of yen)(Outlook)(FY)Net SalesEuropeRegional strategiesIn Asia we aim to boost sales by securing new orders. To that end we will launch the productionof brakes for cars manufactured using global platform systems while seeking orders for brakes forvehicles specifically designed for Asian markets. Also we will accommodate a growing need forbrakes for locally produced commercial vehicles.P ChinaSales are expected to grow with the launch of new business and an increase in orders. Profit willstay unchanged year on year.P ThailandWe expect increases in both sales and profit due to an upswing in market demand and growth ofour aftermarket business.P IndonesiaTo boost sales we aim to increase transactions through existing accounts. We will also continue tostreamline operations by enhancing productivity. 24.332.60301545602011 2012 2013 2014 2015(Billions of yen)(Outlook)(FY)Net SalesAsiaGrowth driver: Strive to secure a significant market presence by restructuring existing production facilitiesPerformance forecasts Net sales: ?10.9 billion; an increase backed by sales expansionOperating income: ?1.2 billion; a decrease due to launch costs for new production facilities

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