Our Corporate Brand Management and Positioningof CSR ActivitiesIn 2005 Akebono initiated corporate brand management aninitiative aimed at enhancing corporate value by meeting theexpectations of stakeholders namely customers shareholdersand associates with an equal emphasis placed on each ofthese key stakeholder groups. In October 2005 Akebonowent on to formulate the Brand Statement implementing thefull-scale launch of its corporate brand management initiativewith the aim of encouraging pride in the Akebono brandamong associates and thereby strengthening the Company’scompetitive edge. From fiscal 2008 onward we have focusedon two aspects of our corporate image namely the provisionof high-quality products and services and our status as a technologicallyadvanced manufacturer. Since then we have beenstriving to realize greater brand recognition by enhancing theCompany’s attractiveness and strengths.Akebono considers fulfilling its corporate social responsibility(CSR) to be indispensable to continued business operations.In other words its pursuit of regular CSR activities is an essentialpart of maintaining its operating foundation. At the sametime corporate branding initiatives reflect the Company’s strategicCSR initiative aimed at further enhancing its social andcorporate value. To realize our Corporate Mission we will promotecorporate branding initiatives to secure greater corporatestrength remaining a company that consistently providespeople with safety and peace of mind through its operations.Corporate Brand Awareness Survey and Brand ReportsSince 2005 Akebono has conducted annual surveys on corporatebrand awareness among its associates customers andsuppliers as it recognizes that such surveys are significant partof the PDCA cycle which is an aspect of corporate brandmanagement.In fiscal 2014 the scope of the survey included all of ourbusiness locations in Japan North America Europe and Asia with a total of 6 880 associates responding.To share what our stakeholders have to say with our associatesworldwide we issue the Brand Report an in-house newsletterthat summarizes?in Japanese English French Chinese Thai Indonesian Vietnamese and Spanish?wide-rangingstakeholder feedback and opinions gleaned from these surveys.This helps ensure that such feedback and opinions are reflectedin our future initiatives to secure the greater satisfaction ofour stakeholders.When we carried out our fiscal 2012 survey we set targetsfor each business location with regard to our corporate brandmanagement initiative recognition rate among associates.Against the target rate of 70% or greater the fiscal 2013 recognitionrate reached 84.7% at Akebono Brake FukushimaManufacturing Co. Ltd. (Fukushima Manufacturing) and68.9% at Akebono Brake Yamagata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.(Yamagata Manufacturing) with both locations achieving significantimprovements compared with fiscal 2012 figures. Infiscal 2014 Yamagata Manufacturing further improved therate to 84.3% exceeding the targetrate. Moreover the recognition rateat Alocs Corporation increased to79.5% compared with 48.7% infiscal 2013.Going forward we will applyour survey results to further raiseassociates’ awareness therebyenhancing the quality of theirdaily operations.Status of CSR Promotion (in-House)In accordance with the CSR Guidebook (revised edition as ofApril 2010) issued by the Japan Auto Parts IndustriesAssociation (JAPIA) Akebono maintains a list of its ongoingCSR activities. By making those activities more visible andmanaging them in a systematic manner Akebono is ensuringthat its CSR activities are steadily implemented. Akebono alsoutilizes an internal inspection system based on the ISO 26000management system to evaluate CSR activities conducted ineach business segment. By doing so Akebono works to clarifyits CSR management issues from a global perspective andthereby improve overall CSR activities.Toward Further GrowthCorporate Brand Management and Corporate Social ResponsibilityAchieving Akebono’s Corporate MissionSustainably AchievingAkebono’s Corporate MissionCSR Policy: Constantlyproviding society withsafety and peace of mindto practice and realizeour Corporate MissionProviding of high-qualityproducts and servicesMaintaining status asa technologicallyadvanced manufacturerFulfilling corporatesocial responsibility(precondition tocontinue businessoperations in society)Establishing unparalleledcorporate brand;“great company”“good company”“favorite company”BrandingDifferentiating characteristics Basic requirementsStrategic CSR Regular CSRInformationdisclosureComplianceRiskmanagementSocialcontributionEnvironmentalactivitiesHuman rights/labor relationsSafety andLevel of achievement qualityThe Relationship between Corporate Brand and CSR

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