Vocational Scholarship Program; Assisting FutureLeaders in Their Pursuit of EducationSince 1964 Akebono has provided scholarships through itsVocational Scholarship Program a program that allows students toearn wages by working at Akebono while also covering their academicfees for a period of three years. This program has supportedjunior college students earning degrees in early childhood educationor nutrition to acquire specialist qualifications in these fields.At present Akebono Brake Fukushima Manufacturing Co. Ltd.(Fukushima Manufacturing) is operating this program. Scholarshipstudents live in the corporate dormitory and engage in shift workat Fukushima Manufacturing while pursuing their studies. Oncethey complete their respective academic courses and acquire qualifications they will go on to work as kindergarten teachers nurseryworkers and nutritionists although some of them may pursuecareers at corporations.Over its 50-year-long history the program has provided scholarshipsto more than 3 000 students who include some secondgenerationrecipients. We strive to maintain robust relationshipswith local communities through the provision of scholarship programsaimed at helping young people realize their dreams.Offering Office and Plant ToursAkebono proactively invites external companies as well as studentsfrom local elementary and junior high schools to tour its officesand plants across Japan.In fiscal 2014 we invited more than 1 000 students from 12elementary schools in Saitama Prefecture to tour Ai-City headquarters.In addition to a briefing on the Company these toursinvolved a visit to “Ai-Museum” (Brake Museum) and a presentationby our mobile brake technology educational center as well asprograms aimed at providing hands-on experience of manufacturingat the Monozukuri Center. Such tours help raise visitors’ safetyawareness while facilitating their understanding of Akebono andits products.In addition our Global Head Office in Nihonbashi Tokyo welcomed62 students from a French management school in April2014 as part of an overseas training program involving companyvisits. In addition to providing an overview of our operations andpersonnel system we gave a presentation on the experiences ofexpatriates during their service in North America. Lastly we gavethe students a tour of the Global Head Office facilities.Looking ahead we will implement initiatives with local enterprisesand communities in regions around our domestic and overseaslocations. Learning from and inspiring each other we willgrow in tandem with our stakeholders.With CommunitiesOur Relationships with Local CommunitiesAkebono is nurturing future generations through the provision of scholarships thereby making contributions to local communities.An in-house graduation ceremony for the 42nd group of scholarship recipients(February 2015)

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