Third Phase of Transition0150200250100(Billions of yen)To Achieve True GlobalizationAkebono Brake Industry Co. Ltd. was founded as Japan’s first brakelining (friction material) manufacturer in January 1929 just at thedawning of the country’s motorization. Since then we have striven tobest serve society by doing our utmost to ensure “absolute safety.”A look back at our more than 85 years of history shows that three majorphases of transition have marked our transformation from automotivebrake lining producer to comprehensive brake manufacturer providingbrakes for motorcycles rolling stock and industrial machinery.The first phase was marked by a technological alliance with BendixCorporation then a world-leading brake manufacturer based in theUnited States. In 1960 when Japan was on the brink of full-scalemotorization this alliance enabled us take that significant first steptoward becoming a comprehensive brake manufacturer. The secondphase came in 1986 when we established a joint venture in Kentuckywith General Motors Company the world’s leading automaker. Thismove secured our first overseas stronghold and marked the beginningof our global investments. In 2010 we entered the third phase oftransition as in a follow up to the acquisition of the North Americanbrake business of Robert Bosch LLC in 2009 we began tacklingchallenge of becoming a company capable of succeeding in the face ofrapid globalization.While seeking out growth opportunities in markets overseas Akebono has solidified its domestic business foundation in a manner inkeeping with its commitment to delivering “absolute safety.” Today theautomotive industry is undergoing drastic changes. As a small-sized specialized independent manufacturer Akebono is poised to makefurther advances toward becoming a successful truly global player.

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