With Our Shareholders and InvestorsWorking together to Enhance Corporate ValueAkebono constantly strives to enhance its corporate value through proactive communication with shareholders and investors.Inspiring Each Other with SuppliersAkebono is striving to maintain and enhance relationships with its suppliers.With Our SuppliersOur Investor Relations (IR) Activities in Fiscal 2014N Dialogue with ShareholdersAkebono aims to make it easy for as many shareholders as possible toattend its General Meeting of Shareholders. To this end the Companyavoids holding General Meeting of Shareholders at the same time thatmany other companies hold such meetings. In addition the Companysends a notice of convocation well ahead of the mandatory date ofnotification (two weeks prior to said meeting). Moreover the Companyposts English-language translations of its notice of convocation noticeof meeting resolutions and voting rights execution results on its website.In these ways we are striving to improve convenience for our shareholders.After the close of the General Meeting of Shareholders we also holdpresentation meetings to discuss the latest management situation and hostother gatherings where we can engage in dialogue with shareholders.Enhancing Partnerships through the Activities of Seiwa KaiAs part of activities aimed at enhancing partnerships with suppliers Akebono and “Seiwa Kai ” an association comprising Akebono’s mainsuppliers proactively work together as equal partners to inspire creativity.Activities undertaken with Seiwa Kai include study sessionsfocused on safety and quality. During the study sessions the attendeesdivide into three groups with each group sharing the latest technicalinformation and the challenges they have been facing based on a singletheme. By working together toward solutions Akebono associatesand Seiwa Kai members are able to share their firsthand expertise andgain a sense of accomplishment which reinforces their productive andmutually beneficial relationships.Rooting Our Global Operations in Local CommunitiesTo survive amid the global market Akebono recognizes that meetingSGQCDDM* requirements is essential. We believe that our ability tosatisfy these requirements is largely dependent on mutual understandingand relationships of trust with our local suppliers.With this in mind Akebono has positioned a high regard for humanrights as the cornerstone of its pursuit of global expansion. In doingso we put great emphasis on maintaining robust communications toexpress our respect for and deepen understanding of local cultures andvalue systems in the areas that we expand into. Moreover when selectingour suppliers we confirm the status of their compliance with laws ethicsand other requirements. In these ways Akebono is striving to achieve thesustainable and mutual development of the Company and its suppliers.* S: Safety; G: Global; Q: Quality; C: Cost; DD: Delivery and Development orDifferentiation through Development; and M: ManagementEstablishing Supplier Hotline on the Company’s WebsiteWith the aim of building and maintaining favorable partnerships withall of its suppliers in fiscal 2013 Akebono established a “SupplierHotline.”* Whenever a complaint from a supplier is received the secretariatof the Compliance Committee will address the problem andtake necessary steps to ensure that the problem is settled at an earlystage and that preemptive countermeasures are in place to detect andprevent similar problems from recurring. Akebono will acknowledgeany risk that arises in the course of its operations and address it byimplementing appropriate measures. By doing so we will strive tobetter fulfill our responsibility as a corporate citizen.* The Supplier Hotline may be accessed from our corporate website; please go to“Purchasing” under “Products & Technologies” and click on “Supplier Hotline” orclick on the “Supplier Hotline” under “Contact Us.”N Dialogue with InvestorsAkebono proactively engages in face-to-face dialogue with investorsto facilitate their understanding of its business operations. In fiscal2014 the Company held corporate briefings for individual investors on12 occasions with more than 1 000 people attending. For domesticand overseas institutional investors and security analysts we heldbriefings on our financial results and meetings in Japan and overseaswhile sponsoring facility tours. As a result we were able to meet faceto face with more than 500 of such investors and analysts.In addition our website features IR related materials prepared inboth Japanese and English. Some of these materials are also translatedinto French.2014 2015Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb MarFor shareholdersGeneral Meeting of Shareholders PBriefing on latest management situation PExchange meeting PFor analysts and institutional investors Total number of analysts and institutional investors with whom the Company’s representatives met in fiscal 2014: 523Briefings on financial results : Two times P PResponding to individual inquiriesOverseas IR meetings : Five times Europe Asia NorthAmericaSmall meetings : 10 times P P P P P PP P P PConferences sponsored by securities companies : Four times P P P PFacility and plant tours : Four times P P P PFor individual investors Total number of attendees of briefings for individual investors: 1 130Appearance on media for individual investors : Two times P PCorporate briefings for individual investors : 12 times P P P P P PP P P P P PNorthAmerica EuropeKanazawa Kobe Saitama Tokyo Osaka SaitamaTokyo HamamatsuOsaka OsakaOsaka

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