Stepping up this initiative in fiscal 2014 these events wererenamed “Diversity Forums ” with the scope of participants beingexpanded to include trainees from overseas Group members aswell as Japanese expatriates. Approximately 60 attendees participatein each of these forums which facilitate understanding ofcountries around the world through presentations on local industriesand cultures and question and answer sessions. Going forward we will provide further opportunities for exposure to diversecultures and value systems thereby nurturing a greater number ofhuman resources capable of succeeding on the global stage.Akebono 123 Associates’ Contributes on Multiple AspectsAkebono 123 Co. Ltd. is a special-purpose subsidiary of theAkebono Group that provides employment for people with disabilities.Working to help them achieve personal growth throughwork Akebono 123 maintains a high ratio of people with disabilitiesin its workforce.In November 2014 two Akebono 123 associates participatedin the Abilympics a national vocational skill competition aimed atfacilitating the development of skills of people with disabilities. Ina field of 332 participants from regions nationwide one of ourassociates won gold medal in the category of building cleaning.Furthermore in September 2014 Akebono 123 was chosen toreceive a prize from the president of the Japan Organization forEmployment of the Elderly Personswith Disabilities and Job Seekers inrecognition of its initiatives to provideemployment for people with disabilities.It also received a commendation at theShogai-sya Job Fair 2014 held in SaitamaPrefecture for the same reason.With Our AssociatesA Personnel System That Enhances Corporate ValueTo remain a successful company in the global business environment Akebono is striving to create a more robust workforce.Basic Human Resources Policy and Personnel SystemHuman Resource Nurturing and Personnel SystemWe strive to ensure that our associates are assigned optimal positionsand work locations based on their competencies regardlessof their nationality. To this end our human resource recruitment nurturing and administration systems are premised on abundantrespect for human rights as well as associates’ individuality privacyrights and diverse value systems.In particular we are developing our associates’ communicationskills flexibility in dealing with diverse cultures and their linguisticabilities. Addressing differences in training programs and personnelsystems by location we are working to enhance our Japaneseassociates’ ability to operate in global business settings puttingemphasis on training those who have had few opportunities toengage in duties with peers from other countries with differentcultures and native tongues.Nurturing Globally Capable Human ResourcesAs a part of training programs for newly recruited associates Akebono is developing globally unified educational materials foruse at all Group business locations. In fiscal 2011 Akebono beganissuing the Akebono Starter Book a standard educational packagethat features the Company’s corporate history since its founding characteristics of its operations in each region and explanations ofAPS (Akebono Production System or Akebono Philosophy andSpirit) its corporate culture and philosophy as well as corporatebrand management activities. This package aims to ensure that allassociates are equally informed of the basic knowledge and conceptsnecessary to act as Akebono businesspersons. Moreover efforts are now under way to create additional programs thatreflect local concerns. By doing so we will develop human resourceeducational programs optimized for each region and location.M InternshipNot only does Akebono proactively accept interns from abroad italso organizes exchange events where interns and associates findtheir sense of being part of an international concern nurturedthrough the exchange of ideas. In fiscal 2012 the Companybegan holding such events under the title “Internship Forums.”M Employment Rate of People with Disabilities in theAkebono Group’03 ’04 ’05 ’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 ’10 ’11 ’12 ’13 ’ 3.37 3.473.753.402.02 1.98 2.05 Akebono Brake and Akebono 123Akebono2.32%Statutoryemploymentrate2.0%(%)(FY)AkebonoBrake andAkebono 1234.03%September 2003Founding of Akebono 12303691512(Number of interns)(Year)43411 1197121510’05 ’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 ’10 ’11 ’12 ’13 ’14National Origins of InternsUnited States United Kingdom Italy India Greece Sweden Austria Spain Thailand Slovakia Germany Turkey France Finland Portugal Mexico MoroccoNumber of Interns AcceptedN Basic Human Resources PolicyTo provide opportunities to all associates and to supportthem so that they can share in the Company’s successes.Akebono believes that the most important factor that guides acompany to success is human talent (our associates). Guidedby that belief we adopted a basic human resource policy thatstates “each associate must be given the opportunity to exerttheir abilities and be continuously supported to share their successeswith the company.” We are striving to build our longtermglobal personnel policy as well as to facilitate associates’ability to establish their individuality and foster mutual respectand trust.Moreover we are reinforcing human rights education andenlightenment to support the achievement of an organizationwith abundant diversity and creativity.

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