With Our AssociatesAkebono aims to strengthen its corporate capabilities in a waythat reflects the high respect it has for the values of each associateand their diversity. In other words the Company cherishes associates’individual aspirations regarding work and life so that eachcan develop their creativity in the course of their duties which inturn will help bring about a more vibrant company overall.Akebono recognizes that as it expands globally it is becomingincreasingly important to establish a corporate structure that helpseach associate realize their full potential regardless of their valuesystem or cultural background. In line with this recognition weare promoting diversity management centered on three key initiatives namely diversity promotion; work-life balance promotion;and career development assistance.Promoting Diversity to Become a Successful Global CompanyAkebono is engaged in diversity management with the aim of creating a workplace in which associates with diverse values can develop their potential.Since its establishment in 2012 Ai-Village global training centerhas served as a training ground for numerous associates. In fiscal2014 the number of associates who received training atthis facility totaled 11 000 exceeding the figure for the previousfiscal year. Around half of the training sessions held thereconsist of programs spearheaded by the Human ResourceDepartment including job level-based training programs andtraining for selected associates and the remainder is organizedby operating departments such as those handling development technology sales and production. In addition to providinga place for retreat-type training sessions there were someinstances where Ai-Village opened its accommodations to associatestrapped by inclement weather. To maximize the site’s utilization in fiscal 2014 the Company decided to expand thelineup of training programs initiating Ai-Campus a series ofopen seminars comprising 80 courses. Among these are languagetraining programs aimed at nurturing globally capableassociates as well as lectures on basic knowledge about manufacturingand Akebono products. Looking ahead we will continueto strive to fully utilize this facility to nurture competitivehuman resources.Exterior of Ai-Village“Ai-Village”A Center for Nurturing Globally Capable AssociatesAi-VillagePromotionof diversityCareersupportAn organization capableof maximizing the abilitiesof each employeePromotion ofwork-life balanceBasic Themes of Diversity Management

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