With Our AssociatesStrengthening Our Onsite Capabilities through HumanResource DevelopmentAkebono is nurturing associates who bolster its production frontlines throughout the world and unique manufacturing capabilities.Disseminating Akebono ManufacturingTechnologiesOpened in 2011 the Monozukuri Center serves as a forum forshort-term intensive training courses on the principles of manufacturingand is open to anyone in Akebono. With an emphasis onteaching trainees to think work out problems for themselves andoffer innovative solutions the center nurtures engineers capableof reinforcing the foundation of Akebono’s manufacturingstrengths. Such training courses comprise the “MonozukuriDojo ” which provides associates with hands-on experience sothat they may gain manufacturing know-how that is immediatelyapplicable at their own worksites; “Fundamental Skills TrainingSchools” aimed at teaching and disseminating optimal operationprocedures; and “Model Line Courses ” which demonstrate productionline ideals. The educational materials used in trainingcourses are prepared by the lecturers themselves. The center playsan essential role in disseminating our manufacturing approach tobases Groupwide.Localizing Training ProgramsSince 2012 the center has been proactively organizing “FundamentalSkills Training School” courses at overseas locations. This initiativebegan at sites in the United States and Asia to instruct local trainercandidates and certify their teaching skills. Up to the present 30have completed their instruction and gained qualification and arenow serving as trainers at five locations overseas.Furthermore in March 2014 we established the first overseasMonozukuri Center at Akebono Brake Corporation (ABC) in NorthAmerica. The new center kicked off operations with a trainingcourse on the preparation of the 3 Basic Sheets * and inNovember 2014 it initiated the provision of Quality Dojo courses.In a bid to secure trainers from among locals a total of six candidatesare currently being trained at four North American locations.Meanwhile in March 2015 our Japanese business sites began toset up Monozukuri Dojo training framework locally with a total ofseven candidates at four locations being developed into trainers.Looking ahead we intend to provide training programs tailoredto the needs of Group locations around the world while enhancingcontent even further.* 3 Basic Sheets: Standardized work combination table standardized productioncapacity sheet and standardized work chartDuring fiscal 2014 a total of 1 175 associatescompleted Monozukuri Dojo training coursesMonozukuri centers in Japan and North America orFundamental Skills Training School courses at fourJapanese and four North American locations as wellas one Indonesian location.Fiscal 2014 TrainingLocationNumber of associateswho completedtraining coursesMonozukuriDojo/QualityDojoMonozukuri Center (Japan)315 (domestic)38 (overseas)North American Monozukuri Center (ABC) 142FundamentalSkills TrainingSchoolYamagata Manufacturing FukushimaManufacturing Iwatsuki Manufacturingand Sanyo Manufacturing140ABCT 53ABE 63ABCS 126ABG 185AAIJ 113ABC associates participating in a training session at the localMonozukuri CenterWorkshop on the utilization of the production survey sheet

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