Product Life Cycles and Environmental Impact Mass BalanceAkebono promotes the effective utilization of resources as it strives to reduce the environmental impact of its operations.Environmental ManagementOur environmental initiatives begin with the design and development stage and cover all stages thereafter including the recovery and recyclingof used products. In all aspects of its business Akebono is practicing the effective utilization of resources with the aim of contributingto a recycling society. MSDS evaluations of materials Response to ELV directive Reduction of environmentallyhazardous substances Reduction of VOCs Response to REACH regulations Response to the North Americanchemical substance regulationsDesign and Development(see page 38) Green purchasing CSR purchasingPurchasing (see page 40) Initiatives for 3Rs(reduce reuse and recycle) Reduction of CO2 emission Pursuance of zero-emissions Reduction of industrial waste Promotion of ISO 14001 (see page 36) CO2 emission volume 58 100 tonsProduction[Purchased power and fuel used]Electric power:110 000 000kWh(116 000 000kWh)Fuel oil: 1 500kl (1 500kl)Heating oil: 2 400kl (2 700kl)LPG: 1 900t (2 000t)I N P U TParentheses indicate fiscal 2013 values Implementation of modal shift Adopting recyclable shipping materials Response to revised EnergyConservation Law CO2 emission volume 3 004 tonsLogistics (see page 41)OUTPUTParentheses indicate fiscal 2013 values[Emitted recycled andpumped into the atmosphere]CO2: 58 100t (61 300t)NOx : 41.4t (47.7t)SOx : 2.1t (2.1t)Smoke dust : 1.0t (1.0t)Final volume ofwaste for disposal: 0t (0t)Recycled volume:27 200t (30 000t)Recycling rate: 100% (100%)CO2: 3 004t(3 098t)OUTPUTParentheses indicate fiscal 2013 valuesSales and Consumption Recycling activities Information on end users Information on customers Legal and regulatory trends Social trends Industry trends* Mass balance is a quantitative balance that represents the balance of resources consumed and wasteemitted (including gas smoke dust etc.) during the entire life cycle of a given material from generationthrough use emission recovery recycling and re-use after recycling to final disposal.* Values for NOx SOx and smoke dust represent totalemission volumes from facilities subject to regulations* Scope of calculation covers operations in Yamagata Fukushima Tatebayashi Iwatsuki and Sanyo* REACH: Registration Evaluation Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals

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