Initiatives at the Logistics StageUtilizing a dynamic management system for truck operations Akebono is determined to ensure safe efficient energy-saving andenvironment-friendly logistics activities.Promoting Safe and Eco-Friendly DrivingThe Akebono Group member Alocs Corporation (a freight company)is employing a dynamic management system specifically atruck operation management system that utilizes data on individualvehicles gleaned from onboard sensors such as engine speed driving speed acceleration rate and location. This data is automaticallytransmitted to the headquarters in Ai-City via data centersand checked by associates in charge of truck operation managementas well as with informing drivers of weather and traffic jams.The Alocs system is able to give timely instruction to each driver sothat they can avoid crowded routes and helps to ensure that driversare taking breaks as needed. In these ways Akebono is ensuringsafe and environment-friendly truck operations.Moreover the introduction of this system contributed to animprovement in unit energy consumption for logistics activities. Infiscal 2014 unit energy consumption for these activities decreased2.5% compared with the previous fiscal year well surpassing ourtarget of a year-on-year decrease of 1% or greater.Real-time truck locations and traffic information isdisplayed on a large monitorEnergy Consumed and CO2 Emitted by Logistics ActivitiesFY11 FY12 FY13 FY14Total traffic volume (10 000 ton kilometer) 5 291 5 023 4 957 4 932Consumed energy (kl crude oil equivalent) 1 359 1 270 1 205 1 170CO2 emission volume (t-CO2) 3 494 3 268 3 098 3 004Unit energy consumption 0.257 0.253 0.243 0.237Unit energy consumption: A value calculated by dividing the amount of energy consumedin transportation by traffic volume (ton-kilometer). A lower value represents a higher transportationefficiency which also means imposing less environmental impact.Operation managementEvaluate eco-friendliness of drivingTruck Alocs’ headquartersTerminalTransmission of vehicle dataon a real-time basisConvert driving data andtransmit to headquartersSend instructions or inquiriesto drivers with voice messagesInput instructions orinquiries to driversConvert to artificial voicesData centerOutline of the dynamic management systemfor truck operationsDriving data? Driving speed? Acceleration rate? GPS information? Engine speed

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