Editorial PolicyWe compiled the AKEBONO REPORT 2015 based on “integratedthinking ” a concept proposed by the International IntegratedReporting Council (IIRC). In doing so we have focused on actualexamples of the Akebono Group’s operations the kind of growthit aims to achieve and how it will fulfill its commitment to deliveringsafety and peace of mind through brake products.To effectively convey abovementioned content to our stakeholders we prepared both printed booklet and web editions ofthe AKEBONO REPORT 2015. In the printed booklet we putgreater emphasis on reader-friendliness while narrowing the contentto matters that we want to communicate to a broader rangeof stakeholders. We hope that readers wanting further details ontopics presented in the printed booklet will visit our website andgain a deeper understanding of our initiatives.The printed booklet begins with an article on the history ofAkebono’s operations and efforts aimed at making contributionsto society. The booklet also allocates a considerable portion of itsvolume to examples of its forward-looking global initiatives.Included are sections featuring the Company’s unique humanresource nurturing activities as well as its quality assurance technological development and brand management activities all of which are key to its future growth.It is our hope that the aforementioned articles help readersunderstand Akebono’s determination to lead the way in realizingunparalleled competitiveness as a specialized manufacturer with alean organization and independent status.In preparing this edition we referred to the Guiding Principlesset forth by the IIRC as well as the Global Reporting InitiativeSustainability Reporting Guidelines (G4) and ISO 26000.the corporate core valueakebono’s Corporate MissionThrough ”Friction and Vibration their Control and Analysis ”we are determined to protect grow and support every individual lifeakebono’s Declaration forthe 21st CenturyWe will continue to create value long into the 21stcentury as we pursue our Corporate Mission.We declare that we will:1. Recognize the real value of what we create andprovide.2. Assure our own indispensability by continuouslycreating new value.3. Accomplish our tasks with speed and the courageof our convictions without fear of failure.4. Achieve our aspirations through the pride of eachand every individual.Corporate Goals1. Customer needs first2. Technology realignment3. Establishing a global network

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